The Leader's Wife is a Werewolf. Threshold 22

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The Leader's Wife is a Werewolf. Threshold 22

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There were presented: AG (Angel-Guardian, AD (Angel-Destroyer.

The witnesses: Martin Bormann (Hitler's private secretary), Svetlana Alliluyeva (Joseph's daughter), Leon Trotsky (Joseph's enemy), Leon Feuchtwanger, (a writer), Boris Pasterrnak (a poet).

'Among raging storms of economic shocks, military and political catastrophes the USSR stands separately like a rock continuing with his work of socialistic formation and struggle for peace. When in capitalistic countries economic crisis is still raging, in the USSR we can see progress both in the sphere of industry and agriculture. When in capitalistic countries feverish preparation for a new war, a new redivision of the world and spheres of influence is going on, the USSR continues with systematic and persistent struggle against threat of war and for peace…' (J. Stalin).

We are forming proletarian culture. And it is perfectly true. But it is also true that the content of proletarian culture strikes out into different forms and manners of expression at different nations who are involved in socialistic formation depending on differences in languages, ways of life and so on. It is proletarian in its content and national in its form - such is that universal culture, to which socialism is going…
The motto of national culture was a bourgeois one while bourgeoisie was at power and consolidation of nations took place under the aegis of bourgeois orders. The motto of national culture became the proletarian one when proletariat came to power and consolidation of nations began to take place under the aegis of Soviet power' (J. Stalin).


1930. The resolution 'On Speed of Collectivization and Measures of Help to Kolkhoz Formation' was approved, he wrote the article 'Concerning the Policy of Eliminating of the Kulaks as a Class, was decorated with the second order "The Red Flag'.
He wrote the article 'Dizzy with Success', the Central Committee approved the resolution 'On Struggle against Distortions of the Party Line in Kolkhoz Movement, wrote the article 'Reply to Comrades-Kolkhozniks.
Greetings were written: to workers of Leningrad's metal plant in connection with early production of a powerful turbine; to constructors of the Turkestan and Siberian railway in connection with finish of its construction; to workers of Rostov's plant of agricultural machinery in connection with early finish of the plant's construction; to workers of Stalingrad's tractor's plant in connection with early finish of construction.
He supervised the work of the Plenum of the Central Committee, the work of the 16th Congress of the CPSU(B), was elected a member of the Central Committee and the Commission for report about kolkhoz movement, was elected a member of the Politbureau and the Orgbureau and confirmed as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU(B).


The Lord's Prayer is a formula of free son's service to the Heavenly Father. It's a formula of Freedom, Happiness and Salvation and a formula of son's and father's live.

You are not a servant (because of fear), not a hireling (because of profit) and not an arrogant man (because of vanity); you serve your Father in your native home but not to your Father's deadly enemy with his numerous hostile relatives, army of darkness.
You serve your Father because you are loving and beloved son, hair and continuer of his Work where 'all I have is yours and all you have is mine'.
In your Father's House you cannot pay for food, shelter, clothing and taking care of the sick; everything you need you get free from your Father, and in return you serve your family Work in the same unselfish way; you simply follow the dictates of your heart because you are your Father's son and because you were create 'in his image and likeness'.

'And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors'. This is not only forgiveness of offences in a narrow sense. Receiving everything free in our Father's house where all people are brothers and sisters and where all of them are tied by blood bounds with their Father, you will consider payment for your service as blasphemous thing, serving by your own talents and your own labor and performing your duties.

The Father gave you everything: life, health, talents, daily bread, the Law inscribed in heart and elixir of immortality. You received all of that free, and now you should return everything manifold for prosperity of your family in the same free and unselfish way with gladness of a man who loves his family. You should do it not only because when your family feels good you also feel good but because you LOVE.

Therefore, those for whom we build houses, cultivate grain, write books, compose music, heal, teach and protect from enemies should enjoy our service free as well as we enjoy their service. This is a base of life in the Father's House. Then he will consider our life as an established one and look upon us as useful for future joint life. He will acknowledge us as his own children.

These relations among members of one family who love each other would seem to be natural: good for everyone means good for the Whole. I fully enjoy living, and all I'm owed for my labor, my service and self-actualization of my talents given to me by my Father I reserve for my family. As well as they, my brothers and sisters, to whom I owe for their labor, reserve everything for me and forgive me.
And the Heavenly Father considers talents given to us as benefits and makes us his heirs and sons in the eternal Kingdom of Light and Love… but how difficult for a fallen man or a prodigal son who left his Father's Home to work for a strange lord, his Father's enemy, for miserable food and delusive 'liberty' and who changed his birthright for a mess pottage, how difficult for him to heal his soul, come back and again become a son from an apostate.

The enemy, i.e. the Evil One who inspired the prodigal son with a reckless desire not to obey his Father, separate and live by himself is crafty and strong. This is apostasy or riot against the Father and it is permissiveness or desire to live by oneself or by one's own foolish will. Such a desire leads to spiritual impoverishment, bankruptcy, ilness and death, and all of that is named 'liberty' by the Evil One.

The words 'ye shall be as gods' is a substitution or deception instead of evangelical ones, 'I have said, Ye [are] gods; and all of you [are] children of the most High', i.e. don't be equal to God but be united with the Father.

'Lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER us from evil.' Unlike temptations (tests) of the loving and strict Father used for our upbringing and reasoning, after which we become grown-ups from children and obtain spiritual experience, the Evil One is an infanticide and deceiver. He penetrates into our house and our souls by deception, tempts, forces our minds, lures to his kingdom of darkness, destroys and kills our personalities.

'But deliver us from evil.' We ask our Heavenly Father, i.e. for our own good, let him close windows and doors, protect us and drive evil spirits out of our house before it destroys us, making us useless for the life in the Father's House and deprives us of our inheritance and sonship…

Former seminarian Joseph, a shepherd, Caesar or a civil priest' dreamt of constructing his kingdom approximately on those bases and principles, gathering his lost children into his house, providing them with 'daily bread' and dropping 'iron curtain' - a protection from Vampiria and its prince. He didn't believe in masses; he believed only in scourge and 'rod of iron'. But the unexpected miracle of people's transformation dazed and strengthened him.

Did he dare to expect of them 'selfless service' in the name of 'collective ascension to the Bright Future and other lofty matters? No he didn't. Son-like service as an act of free love to each other and to our common Great Work is God's Way commanded by the Heaven in the Lord's Prayer unlike slavish or hireling's one. People who fell away from faith following their elite, of which he managed to assemble 'one and powerful' Soviet Union' by admissible and inadmissible means seemed to him to be very unreliable material.

But Joseph did dream as early as 1927:

'… it will be such a society where: a) there will be no ownership for instruments and means of production, but there will be social and collective ownership: b) where there will be no classes and power authority, but there will be workers of industry and agriculture who will be ruled economically as free associations of laborers; c) where national economy being organized according to plan will be based on high technologies both in the sphere of industry and in the sphere of agriculture; d) where there will be no contrast between cities and villages, between industry and agriculture; e) where products will be distributed on the principle of old French communists 'from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs'.

"Ha-ha-ha,' the AD sniffed, 'but what if I need to have a harem or a personal beach on South Seas?'

f) where science and art will enjoy favorable conditions to achieve complete prosperity; g) where a personality being freed from concerns for daily bread and necessity to adapt to high and mighty will become truly free'.

The last point is super. It is liberation from ancestral necessity and Mammon's slavery.


In 1931 he was present at the 3rd Session of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR, was elected an honored member of Leningrad's Soviet, was in the honored presidium of the 9th Congress of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, was an honored member of Moscow's Soviet.

He made the speech 'Tasks of Industrial Managers', was elected a member of the presidium of the 15th All-Russian Congress of Soviets, was elected a member of All-Soviet Executive Committee, took part in the work of the board for a project of resolution about improvement of Moscow's municipal services, made the speech 'New Conditions - New Tasks in Economic Construction', met record-setters of Stalin's Auto-Plant.
He supervised the work of the 17th All-Union Party Conference. It was in 1932. The resolution about construction of three powerful hydropower plants on the Middle-Volga system was signed, was elected a member of the honored presidium of the 9th Congress of trade-unions, took part in the work of the commission of Trans-Volga region's irrigation system.
The decree 'On Protection of Property of State's Enterprises, Kolkhozes and Cooperative Societies and Strengthening of Socialistic Property' was passed. The reply 'Some Questions Concerning the History of Bolshevism' and the greeting to the builders of Dneprostroy in connection with the early start of Dniper Hydropower plant were written, made a speech on tasks of work in the country at a plenum.

'I'm fed up with your conferences and meetings,' grumbled the AD, 'what do you want to prove by this?'

"First of all, I would like to prove the fact that Joseph wasn't served as they slander now but it was he who served. The purpose of service is to feed, provide clothes, protect and heal, but not to corrupt, rob and gorge. And even more. He consciously or intuitively served to the Plan and to multiplying of the Lord's harvest, putting people to the way, the truth and the life according to the Plan. He couldn't do that in the name of Beelzebub because if kingdom is divided, it won't stand…"

"But Adolph Hitler also provided his people with bread and work and was concerned about morality…"

"'Germany is above all'. Hitler propagated nationalism and idolatry. It is the same as to assert that all body should serve to gallbladder because it has stones, or else we will pelt you with those stones'.

'Slavs should work for us. In the extent we don't need them they may die out. Therefore, obligatory vaccination and medical service from the side of Germans is needless. Reproduction of Slavs is not desirable. Education is dangerous. For them it is enough to be able to count a hundred. At the best, education is acceptable when it prepares useful marionettes for us (an excerpt from Bormann's letter to Rosenberg).

It is the realest vampirism on the basis of nationality. But after the war Joseph the Winner began to create new Germany-Antivampiria, and many Germans have spoken well of it until now. Soviet people helped it in a brotherly way, bearing no malice.

As for our endless conferences, delegate's meetings and so on, which involved millions of working men and women, of every nationality in the USSR, they were of great importance for us both for inspection of people's minds and for revelation of our mistakes because we had a lot of them but didn't conceal them thinking that revelation of mistakes and correction of them was the best way of ruling the country.
Review speeches of orators that were made at those conferences and meetings, review practical and unsophisticated remarks of those 'simple people' and you will see how great influence and authority the Communist Party had. You will see that every party in the world could be envious of those influence and authority' (a talk with the 1st American delegation of laborers).

In the meanwhile Leon Trotsky dreamt of worldly revolution.

'International proletariat will not sheathe the sword until we create federation of Soviet republics of the entire world… Comintern is a party of revolutionary uprising of international proletariat' (it was signed by Lenin and Trotsky).


'A love ship was wrecked on everyday life'. The best and most talented poet Vladimir Mayakovsky commited a suicide.


In full swing of collectivization, hunger in the country and mass shootings when Stalin was almost in complete political solitude, Alliluyeva, perhaps, under the influence of her father, insisted on changing the policy in the country. In addition, Alliluyeva's mother, being tightly bound with countryside, told her about those horrors that took place there. Alliluyeva said about it to Stalin who forbade her to see her mother and receive her in the Kremlin. Once at an evening party at Voroshilov's or at Gorky Alliluyeva dared to speak out against Stalin, and he publicly swore at her (the witness Leon Trotsky).

Svetlana Alliluyeva witnesses:

'Father was shocked by what had happened. He was shocked because he didn't understand: why? Why was he stabbed in the back in such a terrible way? He was too wise to understand that a self-murderer always intends to 'punish' somebody… In first days he was shocked… he was in such a state that they were afraid to leave him alone. Sometimes he was seized with anger and fury. The reason for that was a letter which was left for him by mother.

Obviously she wrote it at night. Of course, I had never seen it. Perhaps, it was immediately destroyed but IT DID EXIST. Those who saw it told me about it. It was not only a private letter but it was full of accusations and reproofs. It was not only a private letter; it was a political one. And after reading it father could think that mother was with him only for show, but in reality she went together with opposition of those years.

He was shocked and angry with it when he came to say farewell to the civil funeral rites, but, approaching the coffin for a moment, he suddenly pushed it away by his hands and, turning around, went away. And he wasn't present at the funeral'.

"Ha-ha-ha, as Joseph wrote on margins of library books," the AD began to dangle his feet in white sandals, 'The Chief Antivampire had a wife-werewolf!"


'No later than in 1935 all the world acknowledged that socialism in one country was constructed, and even more, this country was armed and ready to defend itself from every attack' (the witness Leon Feuchtwanger).

"Stalin's cause prospered, output of coal, iron and ore grew, power plants were constructed; heavy industry overtook industry of other countries; cities and towns were built; real wage grew, petty bourgeois moods of peasants were overcome, their artels yielded revenues; they went to kolkhozes in larger and larger numbers.
Lenin was Caesar of the Soviet Union but Stalin became its August and its 'multiplier' in every respect. Stalin's Construction grew and grew. But Stalin should have noticed that there were people who didn't want to believe in this real and perceptible cause and who believed in Trotsky's theses more than in real facts'.

'Stalin spoke to his people in this way. As you can see, his words were well-grounded and somewhat primitive, but in Moscow one must speak very loudly and clearly, and everyone can understand his words, everyone rejoice at them, and his word creates a feeling of intimacy between people who listen to them and the man who speaks them'.

'About Stalin's private life, his family and his habits nothing is known. He doesn't allow celebrating his birthday publicly. When he is greeted in public places, he always emphasizes that those greetings refer exclusively to his policy, but not to him personally. For example, when the congress decided to approve the proposed and finally edited Constitution and he received a great ovation, he applauded together with everybody to show that he accepts this ovation not as a gratitude to him but as a gratitude to his policy' (Leon Feuchtwanger).

In those day in the distance,
Behind an ancient stony wall
Not a man but an act lives,
An act which is as big as a globe
(Boris Pasternak).


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