An Unknown Game without Rules. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 18

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An Unknown Game without Rules. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 18

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'The main fact determining our policy is that our country in its economic development entered a new period of The New Economic Policy, a period of real industrialization…

The center of industrialization and its basis is in development of heavy industry (fuel, metal and so on), in development of means of production and in development of one's own machinery construction.
The task of industry is not only in managing our economy in whole so as to increase its industrial part but in providing our country, which is surrounded by capitalistic states, with economic independence and preserve it from turning into an appendage of worldly capitalism.

There are a lot of scoundrels left
And a lot of work to do.
We must change our life first,
And only then we may sing. (Vladimir Mayakovsky)


Joseph started playing cards without trumps. The trumps were old: the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. They ruled the world, as the apostle Paul said, and were good for nothing. Oh these old tested trumps of darkness - the enemies had them in surplus supply!

But Antivampiria needed self-denial, selfishness, moral purity, working enthusiasm and readiness to give up one's life for revolution and for 'one's friends', construct a new beautiful building of rotten bricks and put new wine into old bottles.

Before Lenin died he dreamt of society of holy people - such ones as Francis of Assisi was. They even didn't fear God. They destroyed churches, threw bells form their domes, burnt icons and bit priests' hands, which they humbly kissed only recently.

Joseph said to utopists-dreamers, 'Your new people are here. They are sacrificial, unselfish, having pure thoughts and being in love with the cause of revolution. He showed divided and malicious flock cracked his whip.

And people believed but not in Joseph because he never and on no consideration declared himself god. They believed in themselves, in the best things in themselves because God's grace was our true essence but sin was an evil and chimerical shell; it was state of stupor or sleep.

Only things that correspond to the Plan are true. Every man is a unique individuality. Every nation is also unique, but all of them are a single whole determined by God.

The whip cracked and they growled, jumping through fiery hoops. They were trained, feared and were exposed to propaganda but they obeyed! They construct dams, cities and towns, roads and plants but didn't swell of riches and other people's blood like bugs. They didn't fornicate and demanded sovereignties that could destroy the country.

They were going along the Way, not knowing it, and were happy because they lived according to God's way in an atheistic but by no means godless state.

The soul is fallen in love with the commune
Because the commune is the highest height
And the deepest depth.

A solicitous father locks his foolish children, a solicitous host chains his foolish dog for its own good and a solicitous shepherd pens his sheep into a safe shelter, so that they should not be caught by wolves.

As for so called democracy…

'Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment' (Exodus 23:1).

The Savior was given to crucifixion by a democratic way of voting.

Democracy provides vampires with a possibility to freely beget and devour sheep. Red terror is shooting of wolves. In the beginning the only Joseph's weapons were fear and obedience, which was caused by fear. They acted in a treacherous and vampiric way, betraying each other and rejoicing that this time the danger was over again.

Precious scientists were put into a gold cage, and they worked for Antivampiria.

The fear of Caesar is for salvation. As you know, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

"But what about freedom that is given by God?"

"You are at your old tricks again, son of darkness! There is only God's liberty on the earth. The liberty in God on the earth is called obedience.

'For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another' (Galatians 5:13).

Joseph didn't immediately understand who took away his mind, will and heart by an iron hand in answer to his childish riot against evil reality or against Vampiria.

'Fulfill my will'. It was the first attempt to save all unbelievers and direct multiethnic fallen people to 'the Way'. Caesar was occupied with the things that are God's. It was rather religion than sociology. It was Heaven but not the earth, though Joseph was a pragmatic person.

It was a bold experience in growing of a new man - Homo Soveticus.

When showdowns between the red and the white finished, when redivision of property, ideas and decrees was over, when dirty foam of various thieves, speculators, bandits, hooligans and separatists came to surface and when an ugly face of Philistine emerged from the back of the RSDLP, it became clear that only strong state can cope with inner and outer enemies where 'cadres solve everything'. And these cadres are of Francis Assisi's kind. 'Nails could be made of those people'.

It is like in a sanatorium', the AD suddenly exploded with anger, 'You shall love you friends and comrades; you shall not say unnecessary words; you shall not save up money; you shall not look at another's wives. And some people put on leather jackets!"

"But it was sort of your harvest", the AG hemmed, swinging by his white feet, 'they were rebels doomed to hell.

"Nothing of the kind!" the AD waved away, "though in the beginning they made disorders, killed and robbed some people, and the demon-possessed jeered in churches. Of course, we hoped that they would start a worldwide revolution and plunder damned foreign bourgeoisie, but they organized schools, village libraries and reading rooms, workers' courses, literacy schools, camps for homeless children and medical stations.

They devised prohibitions and restrictions like in a monastery. But formerly they promised to establish free love and common wives. Not likely! When a man was unfaithful to only one wife he was blamed by everybody. They were high-principled communists, and their principle was 'everything is for people'.

They only began to call each other 'comrades' instead of 'brothers', renamed obedience into discipline and prohibited to go abroad. They fenced themselves off and began to act in a queer way; they propagated spiritual make-up, moral make-up, pure thoughts and high aspirations. They constructed the bright future, studied, married, lived in shared apartments without murmuring and brought up children.

They declared that God didn't exist but they lived as if God were everywhere. It was our boss who didn't exist and didn't run the show at that time. People constructed the bright future where there would be no greed, nor selfishness, no lust, no spite, no enmity, no lie, no treachery and no original sin at all.

They planned to construct the bright future in a few five years, but we had our own plan to reveal those who, forgetting about communism, served mammon and lust and who treated people with arrogance. We tried to write down, fixe and film everything so as to produce all those discrediting evidences at the Judgment where nothing could be denied, but we weren't able to find any."

"Don't pretend to be poorer than you are. Here you have a pile of cassettes about people who were unjustly executed by shooting and repressed and about fabricated cases, false accusations, guiltlessly suffering children and relatives of the repressed."

"How could we divide sheep from goats," the AD snarled, 'how could we know who they were - murderers-sinners or innocent righteous men? Revolution gorges its own children, and then we should sort out this problem.

Of course, there were priests-apostates and people who took part in revolution on mercenary grounds in order to rob people. Those were speculators, violators, god-haters, sadists, marauders, power-hungry people and idolaters.

But from year to year they were fewer and fewer. There were only record-setters in work productivity and sportsmen, and all of them were ready for work and defense. Damned time!

In the war years the things were even worse. Everyone was a patriot, a hero and a martyr for his Homeland that was protected by Heaven. 'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends'.

After the war they started restoration of the country, and again there was working enthusiasm and no time for sin.

And what books they had! They were like saints' lives because they called for kindness, love and friendship; they called to be faithful to one's wives, to work honestly, not to think of wealth, not to save money and not to burden one's life with unnecessary things. Even intelligentsia who felt vampires in itself protested, 'We are not like that. We are like the entire world; we are lewd, lazy, greedy and thievish. We don't need the bright future and the Kingdom of Heaven; we want to live here and now. We don't need the Mystery; we need earthly things.

Of course, we say yes and whisper to them, "Why have you forgotten about liberty? Demand liberty to steal, lie to the entire world, suck blood and lives of your neighbors, fornicate by usual and unusual ways and at the same time stand with candles in churches in full view of everybody, so that everybody could see that it was not atheists or apostates who did all those impious and base deeds but respectable believers - people's servants and flowers of the nation. Let other Orthodox people be tempted by their deeds and blame them. But our boss would honor them very much."

The AG said, "The Truth consists in the fact that all people are gods according to the Plan; they were created for eternal life in that very Bright Future which is called the Kingdom of Light. And the way there goes through love to one's neighbor, whether a brother or a comrade.

One who feeds his neighbor, gives him refuge, provides clothes for him and protects him, he feeds and gives refuge to the Christ Himself, and he will be justified at the Judgment - so it is written in the Scriptures.

Those so called Soviet people grew grain, built cities and towns, worked as teachers, doctors and warriors, and medical service was free. The way to the Kingdom goes through mutual help, unselfishness and aspiration to 'joint ascent', and all of that is called 'the Way, the Truth and the Life'.

But not everybody knows that this is the very Kingdom of the Christ, for it is said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me' (John 14:6).

Therefore, people come to the Christ through the Way and the Life. Though a lot of them were considered as atheists, but 'without me ye can do nothing' and 'ye shall know them by their fruits'. 'A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit'.

Those who brought forth 'good fruit' had the Christ in their hearts. And it was commanded so, 'My son, give me thine heart' and 'The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God'. 'In heart' but not in mind or by tongue.

Obeying His Law, they went to his unknown call along his Way. They selflessly served to the Whole, being satisfied with their daily bread for the sake of much greater things in order to perform the Mystery that was inscribed in their hearts."

"Positive, my enemy, don't say so beautiful things," the AD screwed up his face, "only their films make me cry. Here I have some testimonies.

White paper tape-snake ran into eternity, and puffs of sulphuric smoke clouded everything.


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