Only Spiced Dishes. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 24

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Only Spiced Dishes. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 24

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There were present: The AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer).

The witnesses: Dmitrievsky (a Soviet diplomat-defector), Leon Trotsky, Besedovsky, the member of the Comintern E. Varga, Kaganovich's daughter, Leon Feuchtwanger.

'We have every condition needed for achievement of grain production in size of 7-8 billions of poods' in the nearest future' (J. Stalin).

'All the party, all our employees, affiliated and unaffiliated ones, should take the business of animal breeding in their own hands because the problem of animal breeding is now the same top priority one as the grain problem, which was successfully solved out yesterday. It is not worth proving that Soviet people who overcame more than one serious obstacle on their way to their goal will be able to overcome this obstacle too' (J. Stalin).

'Friendship between nations of the USSR is a great and serious achievement because while this friendship exists, nations of our country will be free and invincible. Neither inner, nor outer enemies are frightful to us, while this friendship lives and prosper' (J. Stalin).

'It is accepted among us to talk about capitalistic environment, but they don't want consider what capitalistic environment is. Capitalistic environment is not an empty phrase; it is a very real and unpleasant phenomenon… This means that there is one country, the Soviet Union, which established socialistic system, and there are also many countries, bourgeois ones, which keep living a capitalistic life and encircle the Soviet Union, waiting for an opportunity to attack and destroy it, or at least undermine its power and weaken it.

Let's take for example bourgeois states. Na?ve people can think that there are exclusively good relations between them as between countries of the same kind… In reality their relations are very far from good-neighborly ones. It is certain as two and two make four that bourgeois states send out their spies and saboteurs to each other, and sometimes even killers, task them to penetrate into establishments and enterprises of those states, create their network there and, if needed, undermine their backs and power. It was the case in the past too.

The question is why bourgeois states should treat the Soviet and socialistic state more kindly and good-neighborly than they treat bourgeois states of the same kind? Why shouldn't they sent out fewer spies and saboteurs to backs of the Soviet Union than they sent them out to backs of their related bourgeois states? Why do you think so? Is it not righter, from a viewpoint of Marxism, to suppose that bourgeois states should sent out to backs of the Soviet Union double and three times more spies, saboteurs and killers than to backs of any bourgeois state?' (J. Stalin).

'Stalin is a representative of national socialistic imperialism, dreaming to destroy the West in its strongholds. Stalin is a representative of a new nameless wave in the party, which did cruel and roughing work of revolution' (Dmitrievsky, a Soviet diplomat-defector).

'Duplicity goes through all Stalin's policy. The phase of this duplicity consists of undivided thought that doesn't carry out its arguments and preserves a possibility to agree with both parties. Of this organic opportunism of thought Stalin makes his conscious instrument in his struggle. He doesn't think and express his thoughts to the end. He has no necessity for systematic valuation of situation. He doesn't hurry. He waits for an opportunity. He half agree with some or other people until a situation matures for making final decision or makes him take up his position' (Leon Trotsky).

'Stalin is a maniac of intrigue. He admires creating underhand intrigues and combinations. And the best moments of his life are connected with his titanic struggle against Lenin and Trotsky' (Besedovsky).

'In their majority those were hostile or half-hostile organizations, which maneuvered until a certain time, trying to take advantage of change of the regime. In those negotiations with Muslims and Byelorussians Stalin was on his right place. He maneuvered among those who maneuvered, replied slyness to slyness and didn't allow to make a fool of him. It was this quality that Lenin had a high opinion of' (Leon Trotsky).

'Lenin in an intimate circle, objecting to the fact that Stalin was appointed General Secretary, pronounced his famous phrase, 'I don't advice it, this cook will make only spiced dishes.' What prophetic words!' (Leon Trotsky).

'Do you think,' Kamenev said, 'that Stalin no ponders on how to object to you in reply to you criticism? You are wrong. He ponders on how to kill you, first morally and then physically. He ponders on how to defame you, organize a provocation or a military conspiracy and contrive a terrorist act. Believe me, it is not a hypothesis; when we were three we had to be frank with each other, though our personal relationships were about to break. Stalin makes his struggle in a quite other dimension unlike you do. You don't know this barbarian…' (Leon Trotsky).

"To the test pilot comrade V. Kokkinaki! Congratulations on the achievement of the worldly record of height by the two-engined plain with a commercial freight of 500 kilograms. I'm shaking your hand.' (J. Stalin).

'To the hero of the Soviet Union comrade Molokov: Congratulations on the successful and remarkable work for creating of aerial ways of the Arctic' (J. Stalin).

'Madrid, to comrade Hose Dias: working people of the Soviet Union just perform their duties, helping revolutionary masses of Spain as much as they can. They realize that liberation of Spain from oppression of fascist reactionaries is not a private cause of Spaniards, but a common cause of all advanced and progressive mankind. Fraternal greetings! (J. Stalin).


The Heavenly Father and His children, i.e. every creature, were created for mutual happiness. A part of the world of spirits, which was created before, fell away from the Fathers house into outer darkness where there are no Life, Light, Warmth, Love, Truth and Sense.

Outer darkness is a triumph of evil, dwelling outside God and absence of God. Fallen angels who settled in darkness, being created in His image and likeness, are immortal and the incarnation of eternal and irreversible evil.

Man in contrast to spiritual world has fleshly body made of 'dust', which in case of leaving the House or falling away from God, becomes mortal. In contrast to spirits man cannot exist on the earth without flesh and, all the more so, be free. His soul, which is immortal too and is deprived of its flesh, becomes an EGO, which, being closed on itself in outer darkness and deprived of freedom of self-consciousness, becomes undoubted prey of demons. It is an eternal nightmare full of grief for the lost Fathers House.

An opportunity to leave the House with your share of the estate or to separate from the Father is a gift of Liberty, and attribute of our God's likeness and a right to determine your own destiny in eternity. This is an obligatory part of the Plan - an opportunity to leave the House.

But man wasn't precipitated into outer darkness where he would have become a prey of fallen spirits. As a result of God's greatest mercy, his flesh became mortal, and he was driven away to the earth. This means that he was given TIME and HISTORY. History is subdivision of former single God-human soul in the name of growth of humanity from childhood to youth, maturity and old age. This is a complicated process of selection - revival of New Adam in the Image useful for life in the Father's House.

Temporary living in exile on the earth and mortal body of old Adam gave the Creator an opportunity to run all cells of God-humanity through the crucible of earthly temptation and tests and give every human ego an opportunity to voluntarily return to the Father's House or stay outside, in a foreign land, determining his own destiny in eternity.

Those who will return will dwell in the Fathers House forever. A single God-human body of transformed New Adam will consist of them. Mortality and temporariness of flesh is the greatest benefit and God's gift. It is an opportunity to take off your old clothes, an old sinful life, reject old wineskins and revive in a new quality - in united and again immortal God-humanity, which passed through the crucible of selection, sifting, tests, and firming like steel of high quality...

It is not mere chance that Joseph liked the word 'steel'. He liked the words 'light' and steel'.

Therefore, the first death is only a stroke of gong. The battle is finished, and you wait for the Judge's decision and determination of your fate. You have won or lost.

'And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil' (John 3:19).

Whether you will be given a new immortal and transformed body, or only darkness will dwell in you, which will be united with outer darkness? Only immortal ego, self-consciousness and a nightmare about unaccomplished blissful being and about predestination that you haven't performed will remain.

The second and final death is an eternal dwelling in outer darkness of an ego, which is unaccomplished and useless for the Father's House.

But who will be saved in the world that 'lieth in wickedness, except saints? Is the Plan feasible or infeasible? The feat of the Savior or God the Son who descended to the earth in human nature or mortal flesh and underwent through every possible earthly suffering up to agonizing and humiliating death solves out this misunderstanding.

God's descent to the earth and His going towards every seeker of truth is the greatest act of mercy, love and humbleness in the name of revival of transformed humanity… It is incredible but God served His creatures. Being Eternal, Sinless and Almighty He served man who was week, selfish, deceitful, sly and perishable…
Sun went into a candle and became a candle in order to blaze and in throes be burned down for people and melt millions of people, those lived already and those who haven't been born yet, redeem them in a mystical and mysterious way by His Divine Blood and become a special and secret Door in the Father's House, which is accessible to everyone who voluntarily reject old clothes of foreign land, old self-consciousness that are not useful for the Kingdom.

In a humble way and in rotten and stinking rags does he come to the Door where The Lord who is Fire that burns evil by His Great sacrificial Love has a power to burn near the Door old non-wedding garments of his lost and mad children who stretch out their hands to Him. He has a power to dress them in divine white garment and let them in the Fathers house.

He is the Door. He united our ego or rather the original Plan, Image and Purpose of our ego because as a rule we have nothing useful for the Kingdom. He united us with His divine nature by our free will and prayers. Only by Him can we, being enslaved by earth and dust, enter the Father's House and obtain Life.


In 1935 he took part in the work of the 16th All-Russian Congress of Soviets, was elected a member of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee; took part in the work of the 7th All-Union Congress of Soviets, was elected a member of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee and Chairman of the Constructional Board.
He took part in the work of the 2nd All-Union Congress of record-setters in kolkhozine work productivity, took part in the conference of rail transport workers and delivered speeches in the Kremlin before graduates from military academies and at the solemn meeting in honor of subway startup.
He was Chairman at the meeting of a plenum of the Constitutional Board, took part in the work of the 7th Congress of the Comintern and delivered speeches at the reception of rail transport workers in the Kremlin and at the reception of foremost kolkhozine women.
He took part in the work of the 1st All-Union conference of stakhanovites in industry and transportations, delivered speeches at the 1st All-Union conference of stakhanovites, at the conference of foremost combine operators of the USSR and at the conference of foremost kolkhozines women of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, took part in the conference of foremost kolkhozine men and women of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kara-Kalpakia, took part in the conference of foremost people in grain productivity, tractor drivers and operators of threshing machines.

'Near Moscow on vast plots of land luxurious governmental cottages are being erected with staffs of guards. Gardeners, cooks, housemaids, special doctors and nurses, altogether up to fifty household servants, work there, and all of that is at the expense of the state. Personal special trains, personal planes, personal yachts and a lot of cars are at the services of officials and members of their families. In practice, they get all food and all articles of consumptions free. For supporting such standard of life in America you must be a multimillionaire' (The witness E Varga - a member of the Comintern).

'When after Stalin's death my father was removed from his power, we immediately had to withdraw from our flat and cottage and with surprise found out that we even didn't have furniture of our own - everything turned out to be state property' (Kaganovich's daughter).

The witness Leon Feuchtwanger:

'He began to worry when we started talking about criminal trial of trotskists. He told in details about an accusation that was brought against Pyatakov and Radek. Those data material wasn't known that time yet. He talked about panic, into which fascist danger plunges people who cannot look ahead… Stalin slightly laughed at those who before agreeing to believe in the conspiracy demand to show a lot number of written documents, 'experienced conspirators,' notice he, 'very seldom have habit of keeping their documents openly.
Then he began to talk about Radek who was a writer and the most popular personality among participants of the second trotskist criminal trial; he spoke with bitterness and emotion and told about his friendly attitude to that man.

'You, Jews,' he addressed to me, 'created immortal legend about Judas.' How strange it was for me to hear those simple and pathetic words from such a quiet and logically thinking man. He told about a long letter that was written to him by Radek where he pledged his innocence, adducing a lot of false arguments, though the next day Radek confessed under the pressure of testimonies and evidences'.


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