He Has a Stain… Joseph Stalin. Threshold 23

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He Has a Stain… Joseph Stalin. Threshold 23

Сообщение  Vlad в Пн 28 Июн 2010 - 3:00

He Has a Stain… Joseph Stalin. Threshold 23

There were presented: the AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer).
The witnesses: M. Svanidze, V. Mayakovsky, M. Dzhilas, Korney Chukovsky, Arkady Gaidar (grandfather), Yegor Gaidar (grandson), Alexander Avdeyenko.

"I will reveal one more mystery to you," hissed the AD, "because, I repeat, at the Judgment all that is hid will be manifested. I stole a page of the History from existential time, i.e. from the Eternity and showed it to Joseph."

That's nonsense, that's impossible, 'the AG lifted his white hands, 'because in existential time, as it is in a written book, everything has happened already. There is no past, no future and no space there - everything is eternal. But in the eternity this book was written by life itself. The Lord who exists forever and who is Life foreknows the end of human history; he foreknows that everything will happen according the Plan and the end will be happy. Otherwise, he wouldn't be good, and it is a blasphemy to doubt it."

"The end will be happy not for all people, "the AD giggled, "the Creator knows everything but for people who are in historical time a show is going on, and its actors have liberty of action: to avoid the destiny 'for dust thou [art], and unto dust shalt thou return' or not. "The 'or' is better," the AD giggled again, "Of course, I could neither steal, nor tear a page of history out of the Creator's Book; I only copied it and showed it to Joseph."

"OK, son of darkness, speak out. Which page?"

"Calm down, Positive, you are so nervous. 'You have achieved everything' I whispered him. 'You are at the zenith of fame; you have formatted a great country, saved and healed the divided flock, built walls and trained reliable guard. You are King of a great empire in the middle of Vampiria which is afraid of you and seeks to devour you…
An idea of loving and united family of people in the house of the earthly father in the name of salvation in the House of the Heavenly Father is a wonderful one. I would even say that it is a Russian Idea, which many people dreamt of and which wasn't realized.
It's communism in one separate country and salvation in one country. Both of us perfectly know that this collective salvation is impossible; it can be achieved only in the fold of True Church., and it is not a collective but a conciliar one, i.e. it is offered to chosen ones who were born from above, not to slaves of hirelings but to sons."

"It's not for you to judge who is a son and who is not," the AG interrupted, "being a chose one is a particular state of mind. It is refusal from temporary things and feeling of one's own Predestination and 'the Lofty World'; it is 'the sheep know the Lord's voice' and it is a record in the Book of Life."

"I'm aware of that,' the AD screwed up his face, 'I have studied it and Joseph studied it too. He experienced original sin, wolves on sheep's clothing who transformed before his eyes and corruption of so called 'crystal pure' people."

The witness Maria Svanidze:

I said what I thought. I said I didn't believe that our state was a legal one, that we had justice and that right judgment could be found everywhere (except the Central Committee where everything was always rightly estimated), but now I'm happy that this nest of moral corruption disappeared. Of Course, Avel Yenukidze who took this position had much influence on our life during 17 years after the revolution. Being depraved and voluptuous he corrupted everything around himself: he enjoyed pandering, disorder in family and seduction of girls… Counter evolution which developed in his office was a direct consequence of all his acts of the kind


Aren't you dragged by omnipotent scum?"
Hasn't officialdom twisted a web in your brain?
Is party force is ready for action?
Is it whole and united?'
(Vladimir Mayakovsky)

I've read those lines of the best and talented poet who left us so early and whispered that those potential vampires would degenerate anyway and he wouldn't be able to cope with them alone; neither his children, nor his friends and nor comrades could help him. Even his wife betrayed him.
I persuaded him to reconcile with Vampiria and become head of usual bourgeois republic or constitutional monarchy - which he liked more. I persuaded him not to be a white crow, play according their rules, and immediately various help and benefits would be given; trade and capita would develop. And it would be possible to 'divide and rule' and stir up one pack of vampires against another - it would be all right. Or you could attack Hitler, uniting with others, but do it by the rules. But he kept talking about vampires.

He refused saying 'go, Satan! Then I thought 'well, well, and read an Old Testament prophesy to him:

Behold, thy people in the midst of thee [are] women: the gates of thy land shall be set wide open unto thine enemies: the fire shall devour thy bars.

Draw thee waters for the siege, fortify thy strong holds: go into clay, and tread the morter, make strong the brickkiln.

There shall the fire devour thee; the sword shall cut thee off, it shall eat thee up like the cankerworm: make thyself many as the cankerworm, make thyself many as the locusts.

Thou hast multiplied thy merchants above the stars of heaven: the cankerworm spoileth, and flieth away.

Thy crowned [are] as the locusts, and thy captains as the great grasshoppers, which camp in the hedges in the cold day, [but] when the sun ariseth they flee away, and their place is not known where they [are] (Nahum 3:12-17).

Joseph didn't believe it. 'When will it be, demon?'

I answered, 'When your earthly time will be finished, and only the Creator knows the term. Then they degenerate at once: your guard and your party. The party will do it first, though you have said that it 'will never degenerate because it is made of different material'.

'It is made of the same material,' I whispered him, 'of sin and dust.' But he didn't believe again. Then I showed him a page of History but deleted dates so as not to violate rules. I showed him everything in a sleepy vision: dying towns, idle plants, miners with plates on their necks "I'm hungry', 'new Russians' with shaven heads on foreign cars, their villas with pools and guards, heroes with orders and medals who rummaged in dustbins, drug addict children and sportswomen-Komsomol members' who went on the game or to Turkish brothels.

I also showed him bagmen with colonial rags, stands with chewing gums and slops, casino, striptease nightclubs, the newspaper 'Moskovsky Komsomolets' with phone numbers for every sodomite's taste, naked girls on covers of magazines, fields overgrown with weeds as if an army had marched through the place.

I showed him how his great Antivampiria was cracked by three men like a bottle of wine, how other separate vampires started tearing national property into pieces and how the Russian Supreme Soviet almost unanimously voted for separation of head from its body and applauded and how later they were shot by tanks in the middle of Moscow to shame and fun for all the world….

And how they took the Victorious Red Flag from the Kremlin at night like thieves. And how later some people wiped their feet by this flag which was poured by blood. I also showed him the ruined city of Grozny and how home and foreign vampires took national property out of the country. And the country itself which was cut into parts like a beef and how Lenin's body made of chocolate was eaten by their vampiric children.
And how 'the indestructible and legendary army' was destroyed without war, and how people asked 'Uncle Sam' for food while vampires made toilets of gold just as Lenin dreamt, and how former heroes were beaten and people were shot near the tower of Ostankino. And How 'young people chose Pepsi', how scientists emigrated to serve Vampiria and how military people hid in holes of walls like biblical lice and how people accept all of that.

Joseph grew pale. He became like you, AG; every smallpox scar became visible on his face. He wanted to wake up and stop that nightmare but he couldn't. But I could see he still didn't believe it. Then I asked him, 'Would you believe in a testimony of the Church? I won't quote it to you; it's none of my business; read it yourself.' And I showed a press cutting to him.

'When you, Your Holiness, condemn this unstable and troubling reality and mad world where morality is absent, where dog eat dog, where brother rob brother and where lie and deception has bocame standards of behavior? Please know that your fair indignation is shared by millions of Russians. When you are indignant at the fact that population of modern Russia is being purposefully organized on satanic principles of lie, forgery, deception, worship to brute force, and that greed, egoism, ambitions, depravity, drug addiction and love for entertainments and pleasures are being introduced as principles of 'normal' life, you can be sure of sincere and fervent support of all honest citizens of our country.

When the Church by your own mouth declares that today 'these are not single episodes of evil, vicious and destructive actions but rapid formation of worldwide evil system', all responsible Russian politicians are ready to sign your words. I would even say more: Russian patriots have already known the name of that 'worldwide evil system' which is imposed on the entire globe by international financial oligarchy by means of American aircraft carriers and tanks of NATO'.

"This means that the end of your empire will be future kingdom of antichrist and Babylonian harlot, when you stop to rule it, Joseph. Are your pains and hard work without sleep, rest and private life worth of it? Live as usual king in your last years," I whispered him, "and taste true life."

'Whom have you quoted,' asked Joseph, 'who applies to Patriarch?'

'The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party does. Now General Secretary is called so.'

'Why doesn't he put things in order" and why does the All-Union Party keep silence?'

'I do tell you that everything is destroyed, there are no Soviet Union and no party of yours, which was 'the only thing that will not betray me' as a poet said. Some degenerated, others scattered and the third went underground. All your people are betrayed, Joseph. And all of that has begun to stink from the head as it always happens, from general Secretary himself.'

Then he grew pale again and whispered:

'What is his surname? Who is he?'

'I have no right to reveal his name.'

'Then indicate his distinctive features.'

'There is a feature. He has a stain.'

'So, Joseph, is that a bargain? All earthly kingdoms will be yours…'

But he was a cunning old bird. He said, 'Why do you persuade me like that if my denial is useless for you? Don't you know that kingdom which is divided against itself shall not stand? Go away.'

Then he woke up. But it seems that he believed me because the balloon went up.

The witness Dzhilas:

'When somebody talked to Stalin, his initial impression about him didn't grow dim but only deepened. The effect was amplified by his permanent and frightening vigilance. Being a bundle of nerves he didn't forgive even risky hints in his talk with people; even change of light in eyes of every present man didn't escape his attention'.

'I think that even Stalin's pretence was so spontaneous that it seemed he was convinced of sincerity and truthfulness of his own words. He easily adapted himself to every turn of discussion, every new theme and every new man'.

Stalin was not less cold and calculating than Molotov was. But Stalin had passionate nature with many faces; and every one of them was so persuasive that it seemed he never pretended but always sincerely experienced every of his roles. That's why he had keener insight and more possibilities than Molotov had'.

'The world where Soviet leaders lived, it was my world too, gradually gained a new appearance: it was terrible and unceasing struggle in all directions. Everything revealed and concentrated on squaring of accounts. Only the stronger and the craftier survived. And I, who admired Soviet leaders, was seized with dizzy amazement when I saw that will and vigilance never abandoned them.


In 1933 he made the report at the Plenum of the Central Committee 'On Work in the Country, made a speech at the All-Union conference of the Young Communist League on tasks of spring sowing.

He was present at the 1st All-Union Congress of record-setters in kolkhoz work productivity, received young laureates of the All-Union competition of musicians, made a journey through the Belomor and Baltic canal and visited the port of Murmansk and the bay of Polyarnaya.

In 1934 he supervised the work of the 17th Congress of the CPSU(B), was confirmed as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU(B).
He inspected the construction of the canal Moskow-Volga, spoke at a meeting in connection with Cheluskin's expedition and spoke at a conference in the Central Committee about the general plan of Moscow's reconstruction. Together with Zhdanov and Kirov he wrote 'Remarks on a Summary of the Manual of the History of the USSR' and 'Remarks on a Summary of the Manual of the Modern History'. Kirov was assassinated in Leningrad and buried in Moscow. Stalin made a speech at a meeting of metallurgists 'On Tasks of Black Metallurgy Development'.

'In the country kolkhoz system is established once for all. The statute of agricultural artel that was approved at 2nd Congress of record setters in kolkhoz work productivity in February of 1935 and assignment of all cultivated lands to kolkhozes for use in perpetuity promoted it very much' (History of CPSU(B), short course).

'Comrades, what we have seen here today is a piece of the new life which we call kolkhozine and socialistic life. We listened to simple words of simple working people about how they struggled and overcame problems in order to succeed in competition. We listened to speeches of women, not simple ones but heroines of labor; before we haven't had such women. I'm 56 already: I've seen a great deal; I've seen a lot of man and women, but I haven't met such women.
These are the newest kind of people; only work in kolkhozes could breed such heroines of labor in the country' (J. Stalin).

'The importance of Stakhanov's movement is in the fact that it breaks old technical regulations as insufficient ones and in a number of cases exceeds productivity of labor of leading capitalist countries… and even more, it prepares conditions for transition from socialism to communism' (J. Stalin).

'They threatened to raise a revolt in the Party against the Central Committee. More, they threatened some of us with bullets. Evidently, they reckoned on frightening us and compelling us to turn from the Leninist road. These people, apparently, forgot that we Bolsheviks are people of a special cut. They forgot that neither difficulties nor threats can frighten Bolsheviks'.

Of course, it never even occurred to us to turn from the Leninist road. Moreover, once we stood firmly on this road, we pushed forward still more vigorously, brushing every obstacle from our path. True, in pursuing this course we were obliged to handle some of these comrades roughly. But that cannot be helped. I must confess that I too had a hand in this (loud cheers and applause) ( Address to the Graduates from the Red Army Academies, 1935).


'Yesterday at the Congress I was sitting in 6th or 7th row. I turned round and saw Boris Pasternak. I approached him and brought him to front rows (there was a free place near me). Suddenly Kaganovich, Voroshilov, Andreev, Zhdanov and Stalin appeared.
What happened to the audience chamber! And HE stood being a little tired, thoughtful and majestic.
His strong habit of power, strength and at the same time something womanlike and soft was felt. I turned round: everybody had amorous, tender, inspired and laughing faces. Seeing him, this only thing, was happiness for us.


'Everyone understood in his own way what happiness was. But everyone knew and understood that happiness meant to love and protect this beautiful land, which was called Soviet Country…' (Arkady Gaydar).

'If somebody wants to clear up who is responsible for the agreement in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, I won't deny: from beginning to end it was written by my own hand' (Yegor Gaidar).


Avdeyenko's testimony about shootings by the American company HBO and by the film crew of I. Passer at Stalin's cottage in Kuntsevo at the day of Stalin's 112th anniversary:

'The house shook. Whiskey and champagne were distributed among everybody from a bar that appeared from an unknown place. Empty beer bottles were scattered all over the convivial and at the same time Political Bureau's table. Merry young people were dancing to rock-and-roll rhymes that were unthinkable in that place; somebody was kissing in the corner; somebody was lying across the corridor; somebody was lounging on HIS sofa where he uttered his death rattle; and from the balcony on the second floor somebody carried hidden bottles and packed them for 'the morning after'.

And imperturbable Robert Duvall, the actor who played a part of Stalin, was in his make-up already and wore a red pullover with a real order of Lenin on his breast. Later hamburgers, airy pieces of cake were given, a huge ice cream cake was wheeled in; it seemed to have an inscription 'Stalin' and Stalin's head. Only 112 candles were needed and at the same time a broomstick, horns and hooves befitting this case'.


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