I will Endure my Destiny. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 20

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I will Endure my Destiny. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 20

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I'm with those who came to construct
In continuous fever of everyday life.
I glorify the existing Fatherland,
And much more I glorify the future one.

(Vladimir Mayakovsky)

A fragment from Stalin's conversation with the Geran writer Ludwig:

Ludwig, 'But Peter the Great did very much for development of his country to bring western culture to Russia.

Stalin, 'Yes, of course, Peter the Great did much for elevation of landowner class and for development of an arising merchant class. Peter did very much for creating and strengthening of the national state of landowners and merchants, and the strengthening of the national state of those classes took place at the cost of serf peasantry that were ripped off.

'It would be not wise to think that our working class who made three revolutions will be filled with working enthusiasm and proceed to mass high-powered work only to cultivate the ground for capitalism. Our working class fills with working enthusiasm not for the sake of capitalism but in order to bury capitalism once for all and develop a socialism in the USSR' (J. Stalin).

'You are talking about your devotion to me. Perhaps, it is an accidental phrase. But if it is not an accidental one, I would advise you to reject 'principle' of devotion to people. Be devoted to working class, its party and its state. It is a good and necessary thing. But don't confuse it with devotion to people, with this empty and unnecessary intellectual trinket' (Stalin's words he said to Shatunovsky).


1927. He managed the work of the Plenum of the Central Committee of the VCP(B), made a speech on development of textile industry in the USSR, a speech at the meeting of railway workshops, a speech at the 5th All-Union Conference of the All-Union Lenin's Young Communist League and a speech on nature and prospects of Chinese revolution.

He took part in the work of the 4th Congress of Unions of the USSR, was elected a member of the Central Executive Committee, stated theses 'The Problems of the Chinese Revolution', made the speech 'Revolution in China and Tasks of the Comintern. He presided at the Plenum of the Central Committee and made a speech 'The World Situation and the Defense of the USSR and 'On Violation of Discipline in the Party by Zinoviev and Trotsky'. He made speeches 'Political Physiognomy of the Russian Opposition', The Trotskist Opposition Now and Before', 'The Party and the Opposition'. He managed the work of the 15th Congress of the VCP(B), was elected a member of the Executive Committee, a member of the Politbureau and the Orgbureau and confirmed as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the VCP(B).


Communism was a faith in the highest destination of humanity and every individual; it was a faith in ideals of Christian ethics: unity, mutual help, moral purity, sense of duty. It can be said that it was a faith in 'an unknown God' whom everyone professes in his own way, including atheists, and calls him justice and truth.

Under Joseph's rule there were neither freedom, nor equality; they were impossible in principle. Though his people served not Mammon but Antivampiria. Antivampiria was a fortress. Everyone who found shelter from his enemy in a fortress was a captive of that fortress. Inside that fortress laws of fraternity and family prevailed. Everybody equally endured the siege, including the leader. The Guard, i.e. party functionaries and a part of creative intelligentsia, were in a special situation, but it was rather Joseph's policy than a principle because he skillfully played upon human sins and weaknesses, making everyone work for the Cause and conducting 'purges' from time to time. Functionaries, creative intelligentsia and Joseph himself were servants of the Cause. There were one military leader and one army, though it had generals and simple soldiers, mercenaries, volunteers and potential deserters. There were one common Cause and one enemy who was your boss, dear AD, in whom they didn't believe.

It was an attempt to create large family where the eldest brother served the younger, where almost all property was common, though some people stole and tried to grab bigger pieces.

Joseph dispersed both outer wolves and inner ones by wolf's methods - who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl. With the help of his faithful staff that was corrupted, intimidated or tied with him by common destiny and blood he assembled, darned and glued the torn body of the country and saved his lost, dispersed and mad flock.

It was done not under the banner of money-grabbing, as it was in colonial empires, permissiveness and depravity or nationalism, as it was in Germany. Stalin's empire Antivampiria, actually lead people away from serving Mammon: hoarding, egoism and selfishness.
'Lay down his soul for your friends', 'one for all and all for one', die but save your comrade', divide in two even a crust of bread', die but don't give your kiss without love'…

Stalin was a shepherd and a scourge of God who directed the flock that was entrusted to him to the narrow way of salvation where a step to the left or to the right meant escape or death.

The Gospel is Good News and a declaration of God's Kingdom in hearts of people who followed the way of the Truth and the Life. It is possible 'in earth as it is in Heaven' or else why should we pray the Lord about it in his Prayer?

'Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth'. Desiring to save people and set them on the right path, Heaven used flood, fire, Egyptian darkness, leprosy and catastrophes.

Joseph's empire existed for that very purpose; though it was a 'totalitarian' one it was not the worst means toward that end. Much worse evil is voluntary submission of once 'Holy Russia' to the world that lay in wickedness under the rule of the prince of darkness.

Where could Joseph find support in that fight against devil himself? His people thought that there was no enemy, except a class one, i.e. capitalists and vampires, but Joseph…

"Yes," the AD began to giggle, "He really knew that there were we, rulers of the darkness of this world, and that our boss, the Serpent, was the most ancient and the most cunning. If the Lord allowed he could overturn the earth by his claw alone. Joseph also knew that we, powers of darkness, were immortal unlike him.

"Yes, he got down to his work with zeal; he strove against us by our own hands, remembering the Apostle Paul's words, 'Be ye wise as serpents, and harmless as doves'. We took advantage of human vices to breed vampires and ruin the Plan. Joseph took advantage of vices and us (I cannot say he did so to perform the Plan) to ruin everything that prevented from fulfilling the Plan."

'We will not allow them to drink our lives,' he told me when I reproached him for cruelty and insidiousness,' the AG sighed, 'Let them drink each other's blood. Let them gorge each other. I must deprive them of their food, cut the ground from under their feet and dupe them. Let 'the entire world lieth in wickedness', but we are partisans in this world. We will play them off one against another and won't allow them to live quite lives.

The main thing is not to allow them to infect people with their vampirism.

And he referred to the Scriptures:

'But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth. If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub. And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your sons cast them out? therefore shall they be your judges. But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.

He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth' (Luke 11:17-23).

'The church is in paralysis', people have fallen and become godless, there are no righteous people of prayer, faith have weakened, devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. As the light vampires are afraid of is hard to get, the only means remains: driving in the stake.

'And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell', i.e. you and your servants, son of darkness'.

'He never yielded to illusions. He forced even us whom he openly called imperialists to fight against imperialists'. It's a fragment from Churchill's speech in the House of Lords.

"And when Churchill promised to hasten the landing of the alien troops in Germany, Stalin 'crossed himself," the AD hissed. "So I was fed up with him, this Caucasian, because he had insolence to make the darkness work for the light.

And I whispered him, 'OK, Joseph, I know, you consider yourself to be a shepherd like biblical Moses or David who was appointed by the Lord to pasture and keep his sheep. You constructed a huge fence, drove your sheep there and protected them from outer wolves.

But now inner wolves in sheep's clothing have appeared, and you know perfectly that all people are sheep-wolves or wolves-sheep; 'there are two abysses simultaneously' as Dostoyevsky said. You cannot abolish the original sin; wolves will constantly breed and infect your flock; you won't have enough strength to cope with it. In fact you are alone, Joseph.'

He answered that werewolves became beasts when they were in darkness but in Antivampiria guardians with lanterns would go everywhere and the clock would never strike midnight… No predator will enter the Kingdom.
This seminarian knew all answers. Everywhere he set taboos which impeded such temptations as hoarding, obsession with flashy things, travels abroad, immorality, not to say of sexual perversions and drugs. It was like in the fairy-tale where people hid all needles from the princess because it was predicted that once she would prick herself and die. Three were the iron curtain, jamming radio broadcasts and censorship. Oh, how he kept his own flock, creating a state where there were no darkness and the clock never struck midnight!

He said that as long as fasting for a believer was not an end in itself but a means of driving out demons, so the socialist state Antivampiria was a means of protecting flock from demonic passions and from slavery of Mammon. It was their way to God. He said that for committing sins temptations and specific conditions were needed, and the task of the shepherd who pastured his unbelieving flock (he laterally said the words 'unbelieving flock) was to guard, lead away and protect.

He quoted Leo Tolstoy's words, speaking of himself. 'Man has no rights; he has only duties to God, other people and himself'. I didn't ask him about the party, knowing that he sometimes mercilessly dealt shortly with it for the sake of the Cause.

'The party is immortality of our Cause. The party is the only thing that will not betray me'.

"For some reason we often quote Mayakovsly," grinned the AG.

"It is not surprising because as nobody other he could discern both holy and beastly aspects of revolution. He deified it but it showed its bared teeth to him, and he couldn't endure it.


'Out of pity I should be severe. Misfortunes began, prepare for new ones' (Shakespeare).

Unlike Mayakovsky and other nervous people Joseph never was under delusions and never panicked. 'Don't worry, he wrote to his mother, 'I will endure my destiny'.

'He was a man of extraordinary energy, erudition and unbending willpower; he was harsh, strict and merciless in his work as well as in his art of conversation whom even I, though being educated in the English parliament, had nothing to oppose to.
"This is a witness of Churchill, as you have guessed, dear Positive."

Had Joseph ever said in his heart something like Moses, 'I am not able to bear all this people alone, because it is too heavy for me' (Numbers 11:14)?


1928. He went to Siberia on the ground of grain procurements in the region, conducted a meeting in Barnaul concerning the problem of grain procurements, was engaged in problems of grain procurements in Novosibirsk, Rubtsovsk and Omsk, took part in the 9th Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Comintern, made a speech 'On Three Features of the Red Army'.

He made a report to the commission of the Politbureau concerning the cause of Shakhtinsk and a report 'On the Works of the April's United Plenum of the Central Committee, made a speech on the 8th Congress of the All-Union Lenin's Communist Young League and wrote an article 'Lenin and the Problem of Union with Peasants of Average Means.
He presided at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the VCP(B), made speeches 'On Industrialization and Grain-Producing Problem', 'On Union of Workers and Peasants and on State Farming', made a report 'On the Results of the July's Plenum of the Central Committee', was elected a member of the Commission for Elaboration of the Comintern's Program', was elected a member of the Executive Committee of the Comintern, made a speech 'On the Threats from the Side of the Right Wing in the VCP(B)', made a speech at a plenum 'On Industrialization of the Country and Right-Wing Deviation in the VCP(B) and made a speech 'On the Threats from the Side of the Right-Wing in the German Communist Party'.

1929. He wrote a work 'Ethnic Issue and Leninism', presided at a plenum of the Central Committee, made a speech 'On Write-Wing Deviation in the VCP(B), presided at the16th All-Union Conference, wrote an article 'Competition and Working Enthusiasm of Masses' and took part in the work of the 5th Congress of Soviets of the USSR.

He wrote an article 'The Year of the Great Change', managed work of a plenum of the Central Committee, took part in the exposure of Bukharin's opposition.

'Collective farming movement, which has became a powerful and increasing force against wealthy peasants, wipes off their opposition, breaks wealthy peasantry and clears the way for widespread socialist construction in the country' (J. Stalin).


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