Turning Fairy-Tale into Reality. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 19

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Turning Fairy-Tale into Reality. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 19

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Turning Fairy-Tale into Reality. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 19

"Censorship was everywhere: a fly couldn't fly through it, not to say of our brothers, exiled spirits," the AD kept complaining, "we tempted, perverted and whispered, 'Don't believe censorship; you can do everything you like. Your God told lies and you censors too. Liberty consists in enjoying forbidden fruits because they are sweet as it is known.'

Our censors would like to allow our activity but they had to keep watch or else they would be punished. So we didn't have any pray that time. But even at that time people believed those high-ranking vampires because werewolves were arising already.
And there were no democracy: only people proposed by party were elected. They were shepherds who were faithful to people's Cause. 'Stalin has reared us to be faithful to people' i.e. to formation of the bright future. They took responsibility for their people."

"Therefore, your establishment refuses Soviet people," grinned the AG. "So not words but deeds are important, excuse me for a banality. Some say 'I believe' but don't obey, but others keep silence though their behavior confirms their faith. Some joined the army, took an oath but deserted instead of coming to fight. But others came and fought without any oath because they simply followed the dictates of their heart. Such people would win or even lay down their life, not expecting any reward. Will the Commander reject them?

In matters of faith the Lord is face to face with every soul. 'This is a great mystery'. Deeds are visible to the whole world; they will be opened at the Judgment. And those who did evil but declared his faith should remember that 'whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required', and that by his deeds he averts unstable souls from church. He will be answerable for everyone. But as for those Soviet people, you are right, son of darkness, they weren't unbelievers? Only their songs are of great value. "Wonderful future, don't be severe to me. It is the same as 'Lord have mercy' or 'The Lord's Prayer'."

"And yet I object," hissed the AD. "A man has a right to sin and disobey God. Have you ever seen anything like prohibition to go to hell? People longed for that place as much as they could, but their authorities didn't allow them to. Where was the democracy? We had to sweat very much! We lured people by western shop windows, by action and porn films and by hostile broadcasting: 'Comrades, you can demand forbidden fruit, the whole world eat them and never mind, they live and prosper. They enjoy forbidden fruit and have inscriptions about God on their dollars. So fear not, you will not die but will be free like people who live there'."

"They really enjoyed," the AG sighed, "and were carried away. They got loose and in no time turned into robbers and predators. They tore the country into pieces like a bull's carcass and misappropriated national property, though it is written, 'You shall not steal, you shall not covet'. It is particularly forbidden to rob the poor, children and old people.

They divided the property and began to fight against each other. They killed, ruined and left homeless a lot of people, though it is written, 'You shall not kill'. There appeared show business, gambling industry, porn business and drug dealing. And of course, they declared that God existed and admired their glorious democratic deeds. They began to sell Bibles on stands together with porn and detective books.

Long live liberty!

Indeed, under Bolshebiks' rule unhappy pioneers were forced to take part in study and sport groups, collect scrap metal and cut woods for old women. How much better now: they wash cars for tough guys, steal, drink alcohol and sniff glue. Girls have become prostitutes. As for other people, some of them have become slaves of Mammon, others look for food in garbage cans, the third carry bags of bargain-basement goods from China and Turkey, and the old people die. But children of so called democratic rulers went to Sorbonne and Canary Islands - here is liberty," the delighted AD even jumped up on his chair.

As for democratic rulers themselves, they threw away third souls into garbage cans together with their party membership cards. They at once denied the bright future when they saw our lures; bucks, rags and various evil things, for which Sodom and Gomorra were burnt by the Lord. They want to have more and more."

"Rulers, intelligentsia, spiritual leaders - all of them belong to those whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required", the AG grew sad. They completely have forgotten about various holy ideals, about habits of centuries and Russian ideas. You can eat, drink and enjoy yourself, let it be done on people's bones and souls, and may communist never return!"

"Yes,' continued the AD, "all hell workers may have century-long paid vacations because they have doomed those boys to fire and brimstone. They have sold their own country per 30 silver coins. So much evil wasn't done during all 70 years of the Soviet rule as it is done now for only one day.

Those scoundrels are raging and fiddling while Rome is burning.

In this particular folder there are materials about western secret intelligence services that helped to destroyed God's country with all its powers and armies. They plunged people into slavery of Mammon and intestine strives."

"They were like a body without spirit," the AG sobbed, "but they still have a possibility to repent and return the stolen property. Then they will be able to spend the rest of their lives in prayers and good deeds."

"Ha-ha-ha," as Joseph wrote on margins of library books. There is only one thing left for your establishment - a new revolutionary storm and the tenth wave of God's wrath. Pray to the Lord about it, so that he should cut off all tumors and metastases, or else they will carry all your 'Third Rome' into Gehenna. Hangmen will again become victims and wash away their grave sins by their blood through God's grace."

"Sadly, you are right, son of darkness, because no temporary earthly torments would be compared with torments because of eternal separation from God.

"But there are other nations in the world. They are new Soviet nations that were formed on the basis of old bourgeois ones after the overthrow of the capitalism in Russia, after liquidation of bourgeoisie and after strengthening of the Soviet system.

Working class and its internationalist party are the very power that strengthens these new nations and guides them. A union of working class and peasantry inside the nation should be created for liquidation of capitalistic remains, for victorious construction of socialism; remains of national oppression should be destroyed for the sake of equality and free development of nations and national minorities; remains of nationalism should be destroyed for the sake of establishing of international friendship and strengthening of internationalism; a united front of all oppressed and unequal nations should be created for a struggle against policy of aggressions and aggressive wars and against imperialism - such is political make-up of these nations from spiritual and moral point of view.


In 1926 he was elected a member of the Politbureau, the Orgbureau, the Secretariat of the Central Committee and confirmed as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevics). He made a speech 'On the Struggle against Right-hand and Ultra left-hand trends. He finished his work 'On Problems of Leninism'; he was elected a member of the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the Communist International and a member of the Political, the Eastern and the French Commissions and Chairman of the German commission.

He made a speech at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the VCP(B) 'On the Economic Situation and the Economic Policy', a report 'On the Economic Situation in the Soviet Union and the Policy of the Party' (in Leningrad), a report 'On the Strike in England and Poland's Policy (in Tiflis at the meeting of workers). He was elected a full member of the Communist Academy, made speeches on wages and decisions concerning the events in England, Poland and China, on unity of the party and 'On the English-Russian Committee'.

He made a speech 'On the Opposition Alliance in the VCP(B), guided the work of the 15th All-Soviet Conference, made a report 'On the Opposition and the Situation inside the Party, was elected a member of the Political, Chinese and German Commissions of the Executive Committee of the Communist International and a member of the Presidium of the ECCI.

'The past year was a year of the great improvement in all front of socialistic development. This improvement kept on going under the sign of the decisive attack of socialism against capitalistic elements in towns and villages. The characteristic of this attack consists in that fact that it has already brought us a number of decisive successes in main spheres of socialistic reconstruction of our national economy.'

'We are treading the way of industrialization at full speed - towards socialism, leaving behind out century-long Russian backwardness. We are becoming a country of metal, automobilization and tractorization.

And when we get the USSR on cars and muzhiks on tractors, let respectable capitalist who are proud of their civilization try to overtake us. Then we will see which countries will be determined as backward and forward ones' (J. Stalin).

'You say that wealthy peasant don't want to give up grain, that they wait for a rise in prices and prefer to speculate insolently. That's right. But wealthy peasants not only wait for a rise in prices but demand to raise them in three times in comparison with state prices. Is it admissible for the state to pay for grain to wealthy peasants three times as much as than to poor peasants or to peasants of average means?

If wealthy peasants insolently speculate in grain prices, why don't you institute criminal proceedings against them for their speculation? Aren't you afraid to trouble wealthy peasants? I could see a few dozens of representatives of your persecutor's and judicial authority. Almost all of them make profit out of wealthy peasants and, of course, try to live in peace with them. It is clear that from such representatives of prosecutor's and judicial authority you cannot expect anything good and useful for the Soviet state.

So I propose to:
a) demand from wealthy peasants to immediately give up their grain excesses per state prices;
b) confiscate their grain excesses in favor for the state in case of their refusal to submit to these demands, so that 25% of confiscated grain can be distributed among poor peasants and peasants of average means per low state prices or in long term credits.

As for representatives of your prosecutor's and judicial authorities, all scoundrels should be deposed and replaced with honest and conscientious Soviet people.

You will soon see that these measures will yield wonderful results, and we will manage not only to fulfill but even overfulfil the plan of grain procurements.


The whole deal is in scales of values. We have different scales and speak different languages. Our law, Kant was surprised at, is inscribed in our hearts. Their law is man-made, ours is given from above. Their law which is written in paper reflects slyness of princes of this world. It 'has a loophole': one law for the rich, one for the poor. A person who believes in immortality of soul, the highest sense and the supertask of his being on the earth cannot think of life processes in the same way as confessors of the following slogan do: 'Get everything out of your life; you will not have another!'

What is life? Is it a lock-up ward where one must obtain a verdict of not guilty or is it a hot spot? The answer to this very question divided the world in two civilizations, beginning not with the crucifixion of the Christ but with first steps of 'homo sapiens'.

There are temporal and eternal things. Our credo is realizing and giving them beck; theirs is realizing and taking away. Our credo is free yourself and fly; theirs is burden yourself and crawl until you have strengths. You can serve to Heaven and obtain spiritual gifts or serve to Mammon and obtain earthly gifts. Those who assert that one can serve two lords simultaneously flatter themselves. We are simply on different sides of barricades. Though we are sinful and sometimes even more sinful then they are.

We know that our sin is bonds and diseases leading to death and try to get rid of them. They make a cult of their sinful condition and aggravate it in every possible way.

Our virtues are not our nationality, religion, party or residence. They observe a holy right of property but we divide in two even a crust of bread. They observe rights of sexual minorities but we say. 'If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out'. 'Die but don't give your kiss without love'. Their sword law makes them take away but ours makes us give.


Why should oxen drag the cart out of the mud when this cart brings them to a slaughterhouse?


We don't want to play an imposed game. We will bring down a chessboard and throw down chessmen. We look into the Heaven but not into a trough. We go mad and bring down a chessboard if we cannot see the Heaven. We peer into it, and if we see a reflection of our empty soul there, we furiously throw stones and missiles to it. With heavy hearts we try to discern an image of our Heavenly Homeland in an empty blueness and from time to time desperately shake off our earthly bonds: property, relatives and vanity. We throw stones and missiles into the sky and they fall to our heads.

Freedom of speech means freedom of lies. True freedom, i.e. knowing true thoughts and intentions of each others, would hinder the common life of society. It would be Hell or rather God's Judgment.

'As you know, collective and state farms are able to use tractors and machines. These farms are more marketable than landlords' and wealthy peasants' farms. You must keep in mind that out cities and towns and our industry grow and will grow from year to year. This is necessary for industrialization of the country. Hence, demands for grain will grow, and so plans of grain procurements will do.

We cannot make our industry be dependent on wealthy peasants' whims. So we should make our collective and state farms give up at least the third part of the needed grain in the nearest three or four years. It would make wealthy peasants recede into the background and provide a basis for proper grain supplies to workers and the Red Army. To achieve it, we should by all means launch a formation of collective and state farms. It can be done, and we should do it'.

'Lenin said that the threat of capitalism restoration will exist until individual farming that breeds capitalism and capitalists is prevailing in the country. It is clear that until this threat exists, you cannot seriously speak about victory of socialistic formation in our country. From socialization of industry we should pass to socialization of all farming.

This means that we should dot all regions of our country without any exception with collective and state farm, which could substitute, as suppliers of grain for the state, not only wealthy peasants but individual peasants too.

This means that we should liquidate all sources that breed capitalism and capitalists and eliminate a possibility of capitalism restoration.

Such is the task of victorious socialism formation in our country.

This task is complicated and difficult but it is quite feasible because difficulties exist for overcoming and winning them' (a fragment of J. Stalin's speech in Siberia).


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