I'm Now Smelting a New Generation. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 17

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I'm Now Smelting a New Generation. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 17

Сообщение  Vlad в Чт 3 Июн 2010 - 1:59

The were present: the AG (Angel-Guardian), the AD (Angel-Destroyer): the witnesses: V. Lenin, Hess (Marx's spiritual guide), Roman Rolland, A. Block, V. Mayakovsky, Herbert Wells, Charles de Gaulle, Alexander. Pushkin, Maximilian Voloshin.

"OK, I will reveal you the most mysterious mystery," the AD hissed, "the more so because at the Judgment 'nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest". After Lenin's death, as soon as Joseph actually came to power, I whispered him to make religion official, reject this unnecessary atheism, frankly tell people about mistakes in social policy of clergy and produce testimonies we have mentioned above…

Be based on loyal clergy, the Revivalists…

Hang everywhere quotations from the Scripture that would blame unrighteous power of princes…

Declare that 'the world lying in wickedness' i.e. 'the world of violence' was destroyed, and the church would serve the poor and humiliated, i.e. working people, as the Lord supposedly called to do, 'if any would not work, neither should he eat', 'blessed are they that mourn', 'blessed are the poor in spirit'."

"The poor in spirit aren't poor ones at all."

"Nobody would make sense of it; everything could be presented in a proper way. 'Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness'.

He also could use all those hard words from the Old Testament and base on words 'For there is no power but of God'. He could command church to pray for the General Secretary and members of the Politbureau.
And first of all, he could use some texts as blessings from above to shed blood and use violence:

'Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow' (Revelation 18:6-7).

"But it has to do with the last times."

Who would make sense of it? The more so because nobody knew when they came. The picture would be impressive - everybody would go to temples to confess their sins and need no testimonials from places of work and habitation and no other certificates, except ones from priests. And you could do everything in the name of God.

"O Lord, have mercy," the terror-struck AG crossed himself. Joanna also crossed herself and the AD threatened her with his finger.

"Is it terrible?" Joseph is reproached just for these things - for separation Church and State because he didn't force church to serve the regime, as all self-respecting rulers do. He didn't render God's things to Caesar. But how nice it would have been!"

"Wait, son of darkness. What did Joseph reply to it?
"Try and guess."

"Maybe, he referred to a quote from Lenin, 'Atheism is inseparable part of Marxism. Marxism is materialism. We should struggle against religion because it is an ABC of every materialist, and hence every Marxist'?"

"You haven't guessed," the AD began to dangle his feet in white sandals, "Joseph didn't care of various revolutionary dogmas - you have produced Trotsky's testimonies who wrote that every dogma for Joseph was a springboard to strengthening his power."

"Then, it the thought of Hess who was a spiritual guide of Marx. 'It is useless and fruitless to rise people to historic liberty and make them participators in sharing of living welfares without liberating them from spiritual slavery, i.e. religion'."

"You haven't guessed again. Joseph understood long ago that distribution of living welfare' was only a showdown between evident and potential vampires, and it is not liberty at all.

It seems to me I have guessed. It was a multiethnic state, and you shouldn't give priority to any of religion."
"Is it an obstacle? The Orthodox, the Catholics, the Buddhists, the Jews and the Muslims - let everyone of them go to his own church and only bring from there a certificate of moral and politic loyalty. And in the rest things, in dogmas, let him have full liberty which is guarded by state.

And in the course of time a united religion could appear - a new universal church under the patronage of the Father of Peoples."

"O Lord, have mercy," the AG and Joanna crossed themselves again. It is an antichrist's way."

"Joseph answered the same thing when I told him these things look promising."

"But the Abroad Russian Orthodox Church accused ours of submission to Soviet power."

"Maybe, it had to do with loyalty to the power, cooperation with power in behalf of Antivampiria, but I whispered him to use it for the sake of strengthening and glory of Antivampiria, which would seem to be God's work. Bloodshed, violence, tears, sufferings would be blessed by church - let it take a part of sin upon itself…

'Stalin, God's Anointed, has reared us' - it would sound nice! Democratic principle, division of responsibility and collective sin - all the world lived so.
But Joseph wasn't having any. He rejected the words 'Stalin is anointed by Church' as well as he later rejected the words 'Stalin, the chosen one by people, has reared us.

He was alone, always alone. Even to his mother he wrote, 'I will endure my destiny'.

"Why was he alone?' The AG smiled in a mysterious way, 'he wasn't alone at all. And he didn't want to shift bloodshed from his own shoulders onto church and people and perform the Universal Revolution before the end of the times. And he answered you…"

"You did guess it. Positive."

'But made his own people to go forth like sheep, and guided them in the wilderness like a flock. 53 And he led them on safely, so that they feared not: but the sea overwhelmed their enemies' (Psalms 78:52-53). That's what he answered, isn't it. And some more:

'Come out of her, my people'.

'This society looks like a child, which was taken out of a womb. He is all in blood but he is born' (R. Rolland).

'The old world, I call you for the last time:
Come to your sense. The barbaric lyre calls us
To the brotherly feast of labor and peace,
To the light brotherly feast' (Alexander Block)


1924. He spoke at the plenum of the RCP(B) about home trade and consumer's cooperation, delivered lectures 'On the Basics of Leninism', controlled the work of the 13th Congress of the RCP(B), was elected a member of the Committee of Youth Affairs and a member of the Central Committee, was elected a member of the Politbureau, the Orgbureau, Secretariat and confirmed as the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the RCP(B).

He worked in the Commission for peasant's problems, took part in the work of the 5th Congress of the Communist International, made a speech 'On the Poland's Communist Party', was elected a member of the Executive Committee and the Presidium of the Executive Committee of Commintern.

He took part in the meeting of the secretaries of rural nucleuses. He made speeches 'On the Next Tasks of the Party in the Country' and 'Trotskism or Leninism?' at the Plenum of the All-Soviet Central Counsel of Trade-Unions, wrote a preface to the book 'On the Ways to October' in 1925 and made a speech at the 13th provincial conference 'On the Issue of Proletariat and Peasantry'.

He made speeches 'On the Czechoslovak Communist Party', and 'On the Ethnic Issue in Yugoslavia', took part in the work of the 14th Party Conference, made speeches 'On Political Tasks of the Universities of Oriental Peoples' and about renaming of the RCP(B) into VCP(B), controlled the work of the 14th Congress of the VCP(B) and was elected a member of the Central Committee of the VCP(B).

'Transformation of our country from an agrarian one into an industrial one, which would be able to produce necessary equipment by its own endeavors - here is the essence and the basic of our strategic policy. We must put economic managers' thoughts and aspirations to that very direction - to the direction of our country from a country that imports equipment to the country that produces this equipment. Because this is the main guarantee of economic independence of our country and this is a guarantee that our country will not be transformed into an appendage of capitalistic countries' (J. Stalin).

'We must do all our best so as to make our country economically independent and based on home market, i.e. make it a country that would become attractive for all other countries, which little by little fall away from capitalism and join to socialistic economy.

This strategy demands maximal development of our industry but in accordance of those resources which we have now. It resolutely rejects policy of transformation of our country into an appendage of the worldly capitalistic system. This is our strategy of construction, which is held and will be held by our Party. This strategy is obligatory until the political environment exists' (a fragment from Stalin's speech at the 14th Congress of the VCP(B)).

'Volte-face is an ideology of new bourgeoisie, which is growing and little by little uniting with wealthy peasants' and service intelligentsia. New bourgeoisie has advanced a new volte-face ideology, which means that the Communist Party should be reborn, and we, Bolsheviks, should come to the threshold of becoming a democratic republic, then cross this threshold with the help of 'Caesar' who would rise from the ranks of military or civil officers; we should find ourselves in a usual bourgeois republic…

Our party isn't reborn and will not be reborn. It is made of different material and it is shaped by a different man; therefore, it cannot be reborn' (applause).

Look: red silks are over us;
They are weaved with unmercenary words.
But how many people still have their wallets.
Which are full of bribes?

He is a specialist but of the special kind:
He's deleted mystic in the word. He's perceived literally
'fraternity of peoples' as happiness of brothers, and sisters (Vladimir Mayakovsky).

'The party considers our revolution as a socialist revolution, which is a certain political force being able to start a struggle against capitalistic world. Whereas the opposition consider our revolution as an addition to a future revolution in the West that has not won yet and as 'an addition' to a future revolution in the West that doesn't have any independent force' (On the Social-Democratic Deviation in our Party).

'I had never met more open-hearted, fair and honest person as he was. His astonishing and unquestionable ascent took place because of these very merits, but not because of something dark and sinister… Before I met him I thought that people were afraid of him, but soon I understood that nobody was afraid of him and everybody confided to him' (Herbert Wells)

'Stalin is too rude, and this shortcoming of his, which is tolerable in our company and in our communication, becomes intolerable in a position of General Secretary. So I propose to remove Stalin from this position and appoint another person who would differ from Stalin in only one advantage: he would be more tolerable, more loyal, more polite, more attentive to his comrades, less capricious' and so on' (V. Lenin).

'I'm under the impression that before me there is an artful and irreconcilable fighter who is tired of Russia's tyranny and is consumed with national ambition.

Stalin had a great will. Being tired of a conspirator's way of living, hiding his thoughts and soul, merciless and not believing in sincerity, he felt opposition and a source of danger in every person; he considered everything as tricks, distrust and obstinacy.

Revolution, party, state and war were for him reasons and means of his power. He rose, using tricks of Marxist interpretation, totalitarian severity, relying on insolence and inhuman insidiousness, submitting some people and destroying others' (Charles de Gaulle).


Monks, different people and chosen ones are seekers, and this is their fate.

Some of them work for their bodies, other for their business and the third for their Cause, for which you were called by the Creator from nonexistence. They are sowers, workers and 'fishers of men' for the Lord's harvest. 'Ye shall know them by their fruits'.

A monk will not calm down until he find his Cause and turn to the way leading to the Truth. Or else he will remain to be unnecessary. 'Unnecessary people' - how much of them there were in Russia. They exclaimed in anguish, 'I can feel unbounded strengths in my breast. For what purpose was I born?'

Joseph was a monk, a different man and a seeker of the Truth.

'It is luscious and sweet
In any banana paradise.
It is interesting in Russia only
Because an abyss at on its end.'

"Is it rightful to put a question about alteration of the world/ An Orthodox priest is responsible for his flock and Caesar for a state that was entrusted to him. Should he allow original sin, which is expressed in bad endlessness of his subjects' wishes, to be at the first place and serve as a stimulus of so called 'progress'? He shouldn't do it if he takes responsibility for condition of souls of his flock.

A system cultivating sin causes vampirism and predatoriness. Predators will not enter the Kingdom'.

Joseph was responsible to God for all vast Russia 'from southern mountains to northern seas'. He had to kill it enemies and separate sheep from wolves. He kept away from all religions in his multiethnic state because it would be even graver sin to unite religions, submitting them to the state and bring fallen people who lost their faith to churches against their will.

He was to gather vast and mixed flock who was ill and lost into a ruined and poor sheepfold. He was to collect wasted things.

'For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God'. Yes, it is often sent to us for our punishment and chastening, and it may be sent even for 'fiery temptation'. But in that case a question is, if a power demands of you something that is against your conscience (the Law that is inscribed in your heart), i.e. tempts you, then church has no right to demand obedience of you because it can bring both a power and its subjects into sin. Such obedience cannot be pleased to God.

Separating church from state, Joseph took upon himself sins of the church and his own flock, which was unbelieving in most cases. He inherited his flock form the former 'Holy Russia' where tsar ceased to be 'father' and people ceased to be 'brothers'.

'Among sly, cowardly, crazy and spoilt children,
Among villains laughable, boring, stupid and quarrelsome judges,
Among devote coquettes and voluntary slaves,
Among everyday fashionable scenes and polite and tender names,
Among cold judgments and hard-hearted vanity,
Among disappointing vanity, accounts, thoughts and talks -
In this whirlpool I'm bathing with you, my friends' (Alexander Pushkin).

'The native land of long suffering' as Tyutchev said. You must suffer for God's Cause and for collective salvation but not for mutual vampirism and society of predatory wolves and snarling, envious wolf cubs in sheep's clothing. Increasing of one's own or other people's evil lust and protecting it by laws is not a cause of a shepherd who is pleased to God.

Russian revolution was not only a judgment over Russian reality but over religious tolerance towards evil and over general silence of monarchy, court, the officials, nobility, clergy and humanistic intelligentsia. It was a judgment over keeping silence, by which God is betrayed.

The revolution freed a horrible and destructive energy that had to be controlled and directed to construction. Joseph had to tame beasts inside his people and create laws, under which predators had to give up all their excesses in order to avoid deadly fight.

According the Heavenly Law a man gives up to the people in need not only his excesses but all he has, but alas! But there were those who rejected earthy kingdom of 'satisfied socialism'. It was a beautiful but still indistinct dream of bright future. It was a subconscious dream of New Jerusalem and the transformed earth."

"They wanted to settle their affair without God," the AD sniffed.

"Without god of predators whom the created after their 'image and likeness', whom they invented to hide their own sins and who had nothing to do with evangelical God. True God came to Soviet people when evil and destructive energy became creative because 'Ye shall know them by their fruits' and 'a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit'.

'Russia is a keeper of God's Plan about God-humanity. On his earthly way man should prevail over proud renegades, destroyers and beasts and go against the stream, against all the world that 'lieth in wickedness.
He should overcome darkness.

Man should assert himself not to be served by the Whole but to serve the Whole that goes beyond earthly being.

It was a way 'from a worm to the sun' (Leo Gumilyov). The uniting of creation and its Creator was begun here on the earth. 'One Heaven and one shepherd'.

Not live in order to live; not live on order to survive; not live in order to enjoy life; not live in order to make a profit. They searched the Truth and the narrow way to salvation among hostile darkness.

Collapsing and tormented Russia trampled former shepherds together with former ideals. It was a separated and rage flock and around it - outer wolves who thirsted for bloody feast.

And there were satanic calls to universal antichrist's revolution, into which some 'comrades' intended to precipitate Russia.

You were completely tested by fate.
I fermented our hearts with craziness
And made your ravings perceptible.
You are the best. But there is no mercy for the best.

In one furnace at a time
Coal is burnt to smelt a diamond.
And out of you, my burnt people
I'm now smelting a new generation! (Maximilian Voloshin)


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