Revolution is a Werewolf. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 13

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Revolution is a Werewolf. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 13

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'The capture of several railway junctions in Sibiria certainly will have bad influence on provisions supply of hungering country. But Russian, French and Czechoslovak imperialists will fail to starve out the revolution. Southwest regions will help north one. The people's commissar Stalin staying in Tsaritsyn and being in charge of provision supply at Don and Kuban regions telegraphs us about huge supplies of bread he hopes to forward to northern regions in the nearest weeks' (a fragment of an appeal issued by the Council of People's Commissars of Russian Soviet Federative Republic, 1918).

'Thirdly, by this forwarding we cut general Denikin's army in two parts, of which we let the voluntary army be eaten up by Makhno's army and threaten Cossack armies with taking in their rear.

Fourthly, we are getting a possibility to cause a clash between Cossacks and Denikin who in case of our successful forwarding would try to move Cossacks divisions to the west but most of Cossacks would not agree to it if we proposed them to start peace negotiations. Fifthly, we are getting coal but Denikin is losing it' (J. Stalin, an excerpt from his latter to Lenin from the South front).

'A commissar of a regiment is a political and moral leader of his regiment and the first defender of its material and spiritual interests. If a commander of a regiment is at the head of his regiment then a commissar should be father and heart of his regiment (an excerpt from an instruction for commissars of regiments in active divisions, 1919).


In 1918 he was appointed a general manager of provision supplies in the south of Russia by the Council of Peoples Commissars. He organized transportation, sent off bread to the center, was appointed head of war council in the North-Caucasian military district. Under his commandment successful actions of Soviet army took place in the area of Tsaritsyn. He was appointed president of military and revolutionary council of the Southern front, was assigned a member of Revolutionary War Council of the Republic and defeated Krasnov's army near Tsaritsyn.

He took part in the 6th All-Russian Congress of Soviets and was elected a member of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and then a member of the presidium of this Committee. He was assigned vice-president of the Soviet of workers' and peasants' defense, was engaged in problems of organization of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic and its communist party.

In 1919 he was sent to the Eastern front by the decision of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks). He took part in the work of the 1st Congress of the Communist International, made a report at the meeting of the Council of Peoples Commissars on a project of a decree about reorganization of the State Control, took part in the work of the 8th Congress of the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevics), was elected a member of the Central Committee, a member of the Politbureau and Orgbureau and was confirmed as the people's commissar of the State Control.

"Keep your patience, son of darkness. It's not so nice to watch how the wall was constructed brick after brick. Joseph built his own fortress.

'In the moment of mortal danger when the Soviet power being surrounded by enemies from all sides repulsed hostile attacks; in a moment when enemies of Worker's and Peasant's Revolution in July 1919 approached Red Petrograd and already captured Krasnaya Gorka, in this hard hour for the Soviet power Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (Stalin), being assigned to this military position, by his energy and tireless work was able to consolidate wavered ranks of the Red Army.

Being in the area of the battle line under fire he inspired the ranks of strugglers for the Soviet Republic by his own example.

On the occasion of all his services for Petrograd's defence and his further selfless work at the Southern front the All-Russian Central Executive Committee decided to award J. V. Dzhugasvili with an order of 'The Red Flag'.


Many revolutionary boys in search of truth, which would correspond to the Law and the Image that was inscribed in their hearts, got into the clutches of revolutionary werewolves and stopped the gap... For many people it was an ethic and moral choice of God's way without faith in eternal reward and without faith in the Kingdom. That was a fervent and selfless choice of their HEARTS and it was worth a lot!

They acted as if there were no God and no prince of darkness, as if without collective prayers and church sacrament they were able to remake fallen vampire nature of man with the help of the Law that was inscribed in their HEARTS, replacing conciliarity with solidarity of working masses.

Almost all of those boys were martyrs who were killed or exiled; as ever, revolution first devoured the best of its children.

Foreign and native vampires tore Russia to pieces but the Lord had pity and gave people a powerful, cruel, crafty, intelligent and incorruptible shepherd and put into his heart the only goal - saving the flock.

The flock is separated from each other, weakened, gone crazy, got lost and deprived of its faith. The shepherd should make harmless and cut claws of some of them and save others who 'know his voice'. They are those who would merrily and gladly go along the way of the Law that is inscribed in their hearts and whose heart would sprout through asphalt of godlessness and violence, blossom and bring 'good fruit' after loving and accepting with all their hearts the Christian image of 'fervent heart'.

Man often invent or create his own god 'after his own image and likeness', i.e. human likeness. He scoffs and is terrified with absurdity of his own invention and declares that God doesn't exist. Most of atheist or 'cool people' are so. Their atheism often finishes with breakthroughs of their minds or hearts to true 'knowledge'.

Lukewarm person who has knowledge from above but doesn't give his heart to heaven and keeps on serving 'two masters' (God and mammon) or renders unto Caesar the things which are God's is condemned by the Creator.

But the worst people are theomachists who having true knowledge about God's Plan, about the world and man came to direct conflicts with the Creator at the side of your boss, son of darkness; they stand at a farthest distance from others."

"They are our people," the AD admitted.

"But if somebody says that God is an old man with a beard who supposedly sits in Heaven but spacemen has found nobody there, and so faith in him is absurd, and that God was invented by the rich to keep people in obedience and skin them alive, then intelligentsia and high priests of culture would be guilty of such 'public education'.

"Because 'culture' originates from the word 'cult' and is called by Heaven to reveal the Plan to people, diligently learn the Truth and sort out 'damned problems', and that's what you and I are doing now.

Man must get to know God, God's laws and serve as a bridge between Church and the world that 'lieth in wickedness, exert an influence on minds, aesthetics and consciences of people who are wandering out of Church's fence. And sometimes he must help flock with the blessing of the Church to learn the Truth, i.e. 'cultivate reason, kindness and eternal values...'

'Yes, damned intelligentsia now have poisoned all people with their nihilism and ruined Russia... since the time of its existence the world haven't seen such a picture: it is wild and horrible in its rage and poisoned with intellectual nihilism; a union of the darkest forces of barbarity and civilization arose and people have turned into nihilistic savages. That's what intelligentsia has done with people. It has emptied their heart, defamed their faith and profaned the most holy place' (Sergius Bulgakov. At the Feast of Gods).

"This means that the road to hell is paved with good intentions," the AD giggled, "they struggled against lie and threw the baby out with the bath water..."

"Instead of sorting out problems," the AG repeated.

"What else could have happen when almost all intelligentsia left Church and accepted atheism, revolution and socialism as the first, the second and the third creeds of their faith? Atheism of Russian intelligentsia is not only its fateful feature but is also a curse of all our life'.

A terrible and indelible fault lies on Russian intelligentsia: persecution of Church, silent contempt, passive boycott and creating an atmosphere of arrogant indifference, with which it surrounded Church. You know how courageous man had to be in order not to be an atheist in those surroundings and what scoffing and malevolence he had to endure.

The uprising stirred up by Bolsheviks is beyond comparing with pernicious force of that persecution'.

Therefore, I repeat again and again that it was not Joseph who instituted atheism in Russia. After rejecting God and cult culture started worshiping an idol - people.

'People can't be good if they allow abusing them in such a way. And what can be said of millennial church culture which corrupts due to demagogy? And what terrible and high historical bill is delivered now to those who are in charge of church education of Russian people! If you start finding faults you would find out that first of all it is a fault of Russian Church but not one of intelligentsia.

And yet I think that 'church education of Russian people' is not a concern of Church alone but of culture too, the AG said, "it is church that was guilty of intentional or unintentional perversion as well as rejection of an idea of the Creator and spiritual origin of existence. Is it stupidity or proud demonical possession?

Atheism or rejection of God is not theomachism. How can you struggle against what doesn't exist for you? It is nihilism.

But theomachism is not so much a struggle against the Creator of the universe; among people only a madman is capable of doing so. This is a struggle in the field of freedom given to people against God's Plan where every part works for the Whole and the Whole works for every part.

'I said, Ye are gods', i.e. a drop joining with Ocean becomes Ocean itself but this doesn't have to do with a proud devilish temptation 'ye shall be as gods' - a mad call to become equal with God or a drop that called itself ocean, a drop beyond ocean.

Even Belinsky confessed that he was ready to destroy most part of humanity so that the rest could live in a pure and just way, i.e. God's way. Now I mean those who first searched not earthly blessings but the Truth obeying their own conscience.

'A wonderful but yet unclear dream' - they gave up their life for it, not believing in future immortality and eternal reward after departing to God, and this thing made their impulse even more tragic.

There were also democrats and socialists of all kinds and struggler for fairer redistribution of creature comforts, for various constitutions, 'human rights' and all kinds of freedoms.

There was also terrible and bloody foam of revolution: easy money, robbery, violence, criminal acts and anarchy; it was a new Wampiria, a dark, destructive and relentless one.

And of course, furious opposition of those dethroned. And in this ocean of blood innocent victims sank.

Are there innocent victims in history where everything is tightly interconnected?

Can an organism be healthy when at least one of its members suffers? Therefore, predators, usurers, present and former ones, who have been tearing the earth to pieces in all times of great redivisions of territories, are ordinary philistines who always say that it has nothing to do with me. And most people are like that. They are divided and obedient flock needing a good shepherd.


Dostiyevsky said, "If there is no God then everything is allowed," forgetting that God can't be abolished by a decree as well as the Law that is inscribed in heart. By the way in officially religious countries even worse lawlessness dominated than in the Soviet Union.

All of that would be later but now.


In 1919 he took part in plenums of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist party (Bolsheviks), was a member of the board supplying the Red Army, signed the declaration 'To all Citizens of Russia' about creating the Central Bureau of complaints.

Rendered more support to the Southern front because general Denikin threatened to attack Donbas. Due to general Yudenich attacks was sent to the Petrograd front. By the order of the Central Committee he carried out centralization of control over the Western front, was appointed a member of the Revolutionary War Council of the Western front. Pskov was captured by the Red Army

He was sent to the Southern front to organise Denikin's defeat, was appointed a member of the Revolutionary War Council and elaborated the plan of attack to Denikin through Kharkov and Donbas. The Red Army captured Voronezh. He took part in the meeting of the Revolutionary War Council on the issue of creating the Cavalry.

He delivered a speech at the opening of the 2nd All-Russian Congress of eastern people's communistic organizations. He delivered a speech about tasks of the 1st Cavalry in the area of military operation, was elected a member of All-Russia Central Executive Committee by the 8th All-Russian Congress of Soviets. Rostov was captured by the Cavalry. He was appointed chairman of the Ukrainian Soviet of the working army.

At the meeting of the Labor and Defense Council he made a report about coal industry of the Donetsk coal basin, elaborated theses concerning the war with Poland.

'Lenin really carried his unswerving loyalty to principles and his faith in masses of people through all his life in spite of manoeuvre flexibility of his policy. In both respects Stalin is antipodal to Lenin, his negation and, if it can be said, his profanation. Principles always were for him no other then disguises. Never in his life had he communicated with real masses of people.

'It is characteristic for Stalin to despise theory. Theory accepts reality on a large scale. Common sense accepts reality on a small scale. For this reason Stalin is very sensitive to every direct danger but he is not able to foresee a danger which is rooted in large historic tendencies' (the witness Leon Trotsky).

"In this case history put everything into place," the AG commented. "All of their so called theories are up your street, son of darkness. But Joseph was obedient only to High Powers. I don't know whether consciously or intuitively.

Nikolayevsky says that Bukharin called Stalin 'great dispenser'. I first heard this expression from Kamenev but without the word 'greatness'. It implies Stalin's ability to perform his plans by parts or by installment.

'This possibility in turn implies availability of powerful centralized apparat. The task of dispensation consists in gradual involvement of apparat and public opinion of the country in different ventures which being presented at once in their full greatness would cause fear, indignation and even opposition' (Leon Trotsky)."

"There is no doubt that his goals 'presented in their full greatness' wouldn't suit the taste of his comrades," The AD giggled.

White snakes of telegraph tape filled in all rows between chairs. Yana is carried through a brown rectangle of the door with rhombuses up the creaking stairs.

Yana carries herself like a bowl with precious poison, so bitter and so sweet one...


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