Something about Masons. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 5

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Something about Masons. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 5

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There were present: the AD (Angel-Destroyer), the AG (Angel-Guardian) and Joanna.

The witnesses: the thinker and publicist Pyotr Chaadayev, the Father Superior of the Chermenetsky monastery Antonius (1848), the poet and writer Aleksey Tolstoy, the saint Cyril of Alexandria, the mason brother Franklin, the mason brother Delpash, the historian Leo Tikhomirov, the poet and writer Alexander Pushkin.

Again there was semidarkness in the viewing room, the film reader crackled and Joanna's body ached, being squeezed between chairs.

"All your inventions need to be proved," the AD affirms, "documents and witnesses are needed. Joseph is a God-given ruler - what nonsense it is!"

"It's not I who said so but Patriarchs Sergius and Alexis I and Archbishop Luke Voyno-Yasenetsky (by the way, he was a well-known surgeon who received Stalin's Premium for his work about contaminated surgery. But I'm speaking about other things. Let's trace when the idea of 'The Holy Russia' was profaned, and princes together with some clerics stopped pasturing sheep but became, roughly speaking, to clip and gorge them, breaking God's command, which we have quoted here time and again. Princes, "fathers and defenders" of those little ones gradually turned into predators, being tempted themselves and being a temptation for God's people who were 'bought with a price' with the blood of the Savior. First of all, every civilization can be compared with a living cell.

"I'm bored with these cells..."

"A cult or a kind of a religion is core. Culture is cover. Social structure is frame. A civilization without its core, i.e. faith and cult, is useless and doomed to be ruined. According the Plan, culture and government should serve core but not vice-versa.

In 1054 the Christian Church was split into eastern and western ones, into Orthodox and Catholic believers and later into Reformers or Protestants.

In 1453 the chief Orthodox cathedra moved from Constantinople to Moscow, and Philotheus said his famous phrase that from now on "Moscow is the Third Rome and the fourth one shouldn't be."

Financial oligarchy became an end in itself in the western church. The Orthodox Church stood firm for some time. The meaning of the Orthodoxy was in inner (the image of God) self-affirmation of a man but not in outer material one (an account in a bank).

'You cannot serve God and mammon at the same time,' the Scriptures say. 'A bourgeois likes quantitative endlessness but doesn't like qualitative one that is eternity,' the religious philosopher Nicolay Berdyaev thought. And Alexander Pushkin wrote 'The Fairy-tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" on this matter where the greedy old woman made the gold fish serve her whims and be her servant. The end of this story is very sad.
We have anything common with the church as God's phenomena in human history, because 'the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.' We will discuss the church as a social institution and a theocratic state, which declares serving God as its goal.

If such a church or such a state, digressing from their calling, begins to serve mammon, trying to consecrate their acts with God's name, it will "render unto Caesar the things which are God's" thereby it will serve as a terrible temptation that can make people fall apart from the church, utter blasphemies against God and deny God's existence.

Are you bored, demon? But without this historical, philosophical and religious digression we won't be able to examine Joseph's part in the Plan."

"OK, go," the AD hissed, "may I smoke?"

"Don't smoke in my face. Therefore, even at the time of Ivan the Terrible's reign tsars ruled over church affairs and the church was subordinated to the state. God's things were rendered to Ceasar. One monk who lived in those years wrote with bitterness, 'It is mad silence not to dare to tell the truth to tsars!'"

Under the serfdom noblemen-landlords weren't 'fathers and brothers' for the people already but slaveholders. Serfdom, as well as western freethinking, was alien to true Christianity. The gap between people and top circles was increasing; almost all the official church only kept up appearances.

Being dissatisfied with official ecclesiasticism where the spirit grew weaker and weaker, Russian enlighteners sought the truth in masonry. The mason Novikov was sentenced to 15 years' confinement in the fortress. Later there were Decembrists and all sorts of secret societies..."

"They were very far from the people but woke up Alexander Hertsen. Have you heard of that?"

"As for Hertsen, it was later. Until that time terrible things were happening: the arising great Russian literature sought the truth outside the church, which was identified with the unjust government. It was some kind of rebellion against the tsarist Russia and ardor for Hegel, Sent-Simon, Feuerbach and Fourier, and after all, Marxism was a religious theory in many aspects.

'The way to heaven passes not through the Homeland but through the Truth', Chaadayev said, "Not a split but all-European godlessness is terrible now. All European scientists now celebrate liberation of human thought from bonds of fear and obedience to God's commandments..."

'If free Europe triumph and break the last stronghold Russia, judge for yourself what we can expect. I don't dare to guess but only ask all-merciful God that my soul not see the coming kingdom of darkness' (a fragment from the epistle to elders of Optina by Father Superior of Chermenetsky monastery Antonius, 1848).

Therefore, it's not Bolsheviks who instituted godlessness in Russia. It came from the West as a temptation and fell on breeding ground of discontent with non-Christian essence of the Russian state, supported by the Orthodox Church."

"Witnesses, welcome. 'The Stream-Hero' by A.K. Tolstoy:

"Stream grasped his sword in anger,
'Which khan is self-willed in Russia'?
But at a sudden he can hear words,
The earthly god is coming;
Our father wants to put us to death!'
Stream is surprised at the parable,
'If he is prince or king after all,
Why are they trying to ingratiate themselves with him?
We honored princes but not in this way!
Whether am I in Russia or not?
May the Lord save us from an earthly god!
The Scripture commands us strictly
To acknowledge only heavenly God'.
And he enters another house:
There a chemist or patriot
Propagates his teaching to the crowd
That there is no soul but only flesh.
If the Lord really exists
Then he is a kind of oxygen,
All the essence is in national anarchy.

Therefore worship to Caesar brings about godlessness. But sympathy for oppressed people and ill conscience of the elite brought to idealization and even idolization of people, i.e. new idolatry:

Seeing Stream, the patriot addressed to him
In a haughty and severe manner,
"Do you respect a muzhik?'
But Stream asks, 'Which one?'
'Every muzhik who is great by his humility!"
But Stream says, 'There are different muzhiks;
I respect the one who doesn't spend his harvest on drink!"
'You are a feudal lord,' the patriot shouted at him:
You must know that salvation is only in folk.'
But Stream says, I belong to folk too,
Am I an exception?"
But the patriot tells him, 'You belong to wrong folk!
Only poor folk is called to rule Russia!
Only according to the old system everyone is equal,
But according to ours everyone enjoys full rights."

"It's wonderful testimony, I congratulate you," the AD hissed, mercilessly smoking with sulphur, "idolization of man, atheism and idolatry altogether."

"Wait, that's not all yet:

Everybody begin to shout as if they were demon-possessed;
They threaten to cause damage to Stream;
It is heard, 'Nationalism, humanity, community and progress,
And that somebody has became a victim to his surroundings.
Everybody is shouting like crows
About some common cause,"

In other words, 'To arms, to arms, ye brave! The avenging sword unsheath, March on, march on! All hearts resolv'd On victory or death!' (Marseillaise)

'The saint Cyril of Alexandria writes, 'There are the following three institutions, on which welfare of cities and countries depends: royal authority, subordinate governmental positions and authoritative priesthood. If they are in good condition and in compliance with each other, then all affairs, depending on them, will be in full order and subordinate people will prosper. But if they prefer going along a wrong path and immediately begin to go along it, then everything will be disordered and, as if it were drunk, will turn to ruin. As at the time of a headache, which strikes bodily head, other members of a body naturally comfort and sympathize it, so when rulers are inclined to evil and vices their subordinates are naturally being depraved together with them.'

"Wait, it's something about masons. It's up your street: Locke, Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu, and Rousseau... Here it is affirmed that 'The Declaration of Human Rights' that was formulated in 1776 by masons Jefferson and Franklin, and the slogan 'Liberty, equality and fraternity..."

"What about the slogan? It's a wonderful slogan!"

"You know, son of darkness, that it concerns outward liberty, which is called 'insolence' in the world 'lying in darkness' when sword law decides everything; it doesn't matter who uses it: top circles or crowds. Hence, no equality is possible, not to speak of fraternity."

But masonry discusses only 'Universal fraternity': The United States of Europe and later The United States of The World. Your witness Franklin said at the 1st International Congress of masons in Paris in 188:

'The day is to come when nations, having neither the 18th century, nor the 1789 year, will throw off the bonds of monarchy and church. This day we are expecting is near now. This day will bring universal Masonic fraternity of nations and countries. This is an ideal of the future. Our cause will speed up the dawn of this universal worldly fraternity.'

"It sounds beautiful! What doesn't suit you here? The world revolution, universal fellowship, isn't it a Christian idea?"

"Such an idea existed already when Babylon tower was built. Every daring collective attempt to reach Heaven, being in a sinful state, is a utopia that contradicts the Plan. No 'universal fraternity' is possible on the earth because of human selfishness and sinfulness. The Lord's harvest is pure wheat but not weeds.

"And the LORD said, 'Behold, the people [is] one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city' (Genesis 11:6-Cool.

And at the day of Pentecost after the ascension of the Savior 'they were all WITH ONE ACCORD in one place.' It has to do with Christ's disciples. I emphasize 'with one accord in one place'; but not ]bodies in one place', 'minds in one place' or 'passions in one place' as it is on the earth more often than not.
'And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language' (Acts 2:1, 3, 4, 6).

The tongue of the Spirit and Holiness is the universal tongue of Heaven."

"But what about Joseph? Didn't he build the same 'Universal fraternity'?"

"To such words of yours Joseph would have said 'ha-ha-ha'. Joseph built Antivampiria and nothing more. It was his 'single but flaming passion'."

Bearers of public authority are enemies of masonry; it is written in a Masonic magazine, "So called public authority is a more terrible tyrant than church."

"Yes, these are not Joseph's word's," the AD admitted.

'We will triumph only owing to the union of the leftists, whose main attribute is fraud,. We must group all republicans, radical socialists and collectivists and work out our program even with communists' (brother Delpash, his speech at the convent of The Great East)."

"Aren't these your dealings, AD? What about the split in the Orthodox Church? The Russian emperor Peter I and his associate Lefort were accepted to the Templars and the Orthodoxy began to be persecuted by masons-protestants. And at last the patriarchate was abolished in Russia."

"But it was re-established by Joseph."

"Humiliating the church in the eyes of the people, Peter hewed one of the deepest and the most nutritious roots, on which the tree of autocracy stood and grew (Leo Tikhomirov, 'Monarchic Statehood').

"Under Catherine The Great' reign masons captured science in Russia. Only after the archimandrite Photius's accusations the masonic lodges were closed.
And there followed the first wave of ardour for revolution:

'Tremble, oh tyrants of the world!
And you, take courage and listen,
Arise, fallen slaves!
Alas, wherever I gaze
I can see scourges and chains everywhere,
Destructive shame of laws
And helpless tears of slavery;
Everywhere there is unrighteous power
It mounted in dense haze of superstitions
It is a terrible Genius of Slavery
And fateful passion for the Glory."

"Joseph loved this poem very much. By the way, it was written a hundred years before revolution."

"And what about peasant uprisings and Decembrists? Why didn't you tell Joseph that the idea of monarchy was a part of the Plan?"

"Because it is not the case at all," the AG said.

Even Joanna in her small refuge was surprised, and the AD emitted such a puff of sulphur smoke that she began to cough. And Yana again found herself in the autumn of 1945.


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