The film 'In the Country of Snares'

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The film 'In the Country of Snares'

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On the Basis of Yulia Ivanova's Fairy-Tale
The film 'In the Country of Snares'

This is an interesting and special opinion of the film 'In the country of Snares' produced on the basis of Yulia Ivanova's fairy-tale 'The Moony Clock' in 1975. This fairy-tell narrates about children of school age. They get to a fairy country and pass through different trials and obstacles but no matter how difficult and dangerous their journey is they try to do their best on their way to spiritual liberation.

In the Country of Snares, an Existential Gnostic Mini-Serial

It seems incredible that this cult parable about a trial way of a Gnostic, made by the venerable producer Kirill Malyantovich at the studio 'Multtelefilm' of the Creative Association 'Ekran' in 1975 waited the meeting with viewers for more than fifteen years. Being only once shown on TV in a formatted version, in the year of sixtieth anniversary of the USSR, the film was laid on the shelf for a long time (being written in 1970, this narrative of Yulia Ivanova, which was cinematised, came to readers much later in 2001). Meanwhile, no serious conversation about ways of Spiritual Liberation can be held without mentioning of this masterpiece. It's this way that 'October Children'(1) Oleg Kachalkin and Vasilisa Petrova chose. Their souls, being put into puppet appearances, go on a journey alone the country of snares in search of The Book of Wisdom. Sixty fairy-tell years - this is the term assigned for the children by the mad Magician for deliverance from illusions and attachments of the materialist world. The October Children fight their way through the Kingdom of Fear where living dead bodies coming out of their gravestones grasp their legs; where they are seized by personal desires in the Kingdom of Mother-Laziness; and where they cultivate indifferent attitude to the world of material welfare in the country of belongings with its ideology of unlimited consumption. But the hardest trial waits for the heroes in the Kingdom of Impenetrable Stupidity - only acquired Gnosis (Knowledge) can give them ability to distinguish between real and unreal things, see truth and discern lie under all its masks. Will Kachalkin and Petrova be able to pass through the Seven Gates and pass through the initiation; will the Way be opened before them? The Demiurge(2) keeps awake and despatches a policeman Samson Strong to intercept a monster from the lower world, and therefore, the last fight of adepts is ahead... Now in the stuffy atmosphere of impending Cataclysm the film is topical as never before because millions of viewers are faced with the last choice: to surrender to hopelessness of existence or enter battle against invisible prince of this world.

(1) 'October Children' - Communist organization of young schoolchildren, active during Soviet period.
(2) The Demiurge - In the philosophy of Plato the creator of the universe.

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