A Eulogy to Censorship. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 26

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A Eulogy to Censorship. Joseph Stalin. Threshold 26

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The testimony of Michael Sholokhov's son:

'Setting aside a newspaper, where an ordinary material castigating 'personality cult' was published, father said thoughtfully:

'I can remember one of our meetings with him when a business conversation finished and before saying good-bye there followed short questions and answers about this and that thing. During the conversations I asked, 'why do you, Joseph Vissarionovich, allow praising yourself so immeasurably? There are numberless praises, portraits, monuments everywhere.' I also blurted out about obliging fools...
He looked at me with a gentle frown and a sly smile, 'What can I do? (My father clumsily tried to imitate Georgian accent) People need to have a head. His accent let me down and I thought I heard 'head'. Later, when I went out of the office, I realized that he really said 'god. A god was needed to people.
He gave to understand that he only tolerated this cult. Yes, I believed him, and now believe. Oh it was said very convincingly by him.'

'My father couldn't bear a sight of a crowd which applauding him and shouting 'Hurrah!' His face became distorted from irritation' (Svetlana Alliluyeva).

I've always been terribly ashamed of even modest rejoicing in Moscow, in the Bolshoi Theater, or at banquets in honor of father's seventieth birthday. I'm afraid that my father was going to say something would damp everybody down. I could see how its face distorted of irritation. 'They agape their mouths and yell like idiots!' he said angrily. Perhaps, he felt hypocrisy of this jubilation? He was remarkably sensitive to hypocrisy; it was impossible to lie to him…'

'... In the corner there stood an iron bed and a screen; the room was full of old women; all of them were dressed in black as it should be in Georgia. On the bed there sat an old woman. We were brought to her; she impulsively embraced us by her thin and knotty hands, kissed us and said something in Georgian... Only Yasha understood and answered her but we stood silently.

We soon left and never went to the 'palace'. I still wondered why my grandmother lived so badly. I saw such a terrible black iron bed first time in my life.

Grandmother had their own principles: ones of a religious man who lived a strict, hard, honest and decent life. Her steadfastness and persistence, her severity to herself, her puritanical morality, her stern and courageous character - all of that was inherited by my father.'

'She had many children but all of them died in early childhood, only my father survived. She was very devout, and dreamed that her son would become a priest. She remained to be religious woman until last days of her life, and when my father visited her shortly before her death, she told him, 'It's too bad that you didn't become a priest...
He repeated those words of hers with delight; he liked her disdain to what he had achieved, to earthly glory and vanity...

But he was a bad and inattentive son as well as a father and a husband... His whole being was entirely devoted to other things: policy and fight, and for this reason strange people were always more important and significant to him than his own family' (S. Alliluyeva).

* * *

'Power is a system, into which you must penetrate, which should be brought together and through which you must act. One thing is not mentioned: the system of which class is this power? Meanwhile, Marxism begins only with this question... In a primitive form Stalin learned only Leninist concept of centralized system. When he took hold of this system, theoretical assumptions turned out to be indifferent for him...' (Leon Trotsky).

'Our Marxist party in the absence of world revolution hangs by a thread' (Zinoviev).

'His own elevation seems to him to be a results of not only his own painstaking efforts, but also a result of astrange case and almost historic lottery... The ease, with which he coped with his opponents, for a short period of time could make him think of his own strength, but in the long run, it should have seemed to him to be inexplicable and mysterious when he faced new difficulties' (Trotsky).

'Stalin is not clever in every sense of the word. All lower aspects of intelligence (cunning, endurance, prudence, an ability to play on worst aspects of the human soul) are monstrously developed in him. To create such a system one needed to have knowledge of man and his secret purposes; this knowledge is not universal but it is a special knowledge of the worst things in a person and an ability to play the worst traits of people... Stalin is able to take advantage of bad traits of people much better than their creative qualities. He is a cynic and appealing to cynicism. He may be called the greatest demoralizer in history' (Trotsky).

'Great people are always greater than things they performed. About Stalin it can be said in no way. If he would be torn away from his work, nothing would be left of him... Where it has to do with large historical tasks which reflect movement of classes, he remained to be particularly inconsiderate and indifferent…'

'Bureaucracy opposed perspective of personal well-being and comfort to perspective of 'permanent revolution'. In the Kremlin and behind the Kremlin's walls a series of secret banquets took place. Their political goal was to unite them 'old guard' against me.

'Through the system of connected vessels I knew in the last years of my life in Moscow that Stalin had a special archive, which contained documents, evidences and discredits rumors against all prominent Soviet leaders without an exception' (Trotsky).

And in those same days at a distance
Behind the ancient stone wall
Not a man but an act lives;
An action, which is as big as the globe.

Fate gave him a lot of previous generations.
He is one who was dreamt by most courageous people
But no one dared to do his deeds before him.
(Boris Pasternak)


Proclaiming 'socialist realism', Joseph believed that if we just shout about malice, squalor and stupidity of the world, nothing good will be of it. He called cultural workers to build a project of the New World by word, music, colors and ideas. It would be a Bright Kingdom, which is at first 'inside us' because 'in the beginning was the Word'. We must show people how good and beautiful they can live, and then we will build bright future together. You are engineers; they are builders.

The seventh day of creation when God 'rested from his labors' was given to man for creativity and creative work on the earth. And above all for the formation of human souls after the image, likeness and the Plan. " You cannot serve God and Mammon. Joseph delivered people who were entrusted to him from service of Mammon, built a fortress in the middle of Vampiria and hired 'engineers of human souls' for the construction of Antivampiria.
some people were hired by him, others were intimidated and forced to work for the Cause because there were few chosen ones who served to 'The Kingdom of Liberty' following the dictates of their hearts. And Joseph didn't have much time. Now he knew that sooner or later they would betray the Cause, let the golden calf into the castle, which would be a Trojan horse. They would exchange the birthright for a mess of pottage.

Of course, he believed in the Russian Apocalypse which was described in a page of History stolen you, son of darkness. Because from the seminary he knew the Scriptures by heart and that in everyone there was a potential werewolf of original sin. Since the days of Cain, Abel and Judas, crowds yelled first 'Hosanna!' and then 'Crucify him!'.
But he knew that there was also light and there was 'Image and likeness' and there was the Law inscribed in hearts. He saw what miracles his people created and swore to his God to save the flock entrusted to him until his death hour.
And preserve souls for the Father's House where neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate , nor abusers of themselves with mankind go to.
Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God.

He had to have time to take his people out of the desert, until the clock struck midnight and the guards had not turned into wolves. And his writers into jackals at wolves' feast ... But he had no 'other writers'...

And he was intently staring into their eyes and hearts, trying to see inside them that same 'spot' from a page of History.

"From a photocopier," corrected the AG.

"Let it be a photocopier. But don't think that I a saint of Joseph's; he allowed destroying churches and persecuting priests, and he will answer for that at the Judgment... But one thing can I say with certainty: he fought not with God but with 'reactionary clergy'. As he said, 'with religious prejudices.'

'The party cannot be neutral with regard to religious prejudices, and it will carry on propaganda against these prejudices because it is one of the principal means of undermining influence of reactionary clergy that support exploiting classes and preach obedience to these classes' (J. Stalin).

When the Church started corresponding to his conception of the Plan, according to which 'whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant… Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many' (Matthew 20:26, 28). Joseph completely changed his attitude towards it, didn't he?

"I would look at the problem of word in another aspect: Pushkin, for example, wrote the poem 'Gabrieliade' in his time. It was a tragic prank of a young man. Later he repented, renounced and shed tears... Mentioning this so called poem means to be the worst enemy of Alexander Sergeyevich.

Alexander blotted out and confesses his personal sin, and was forgiven. But how many souls of subsequent generations were tempted by of this ill-fated 'Gabrieliade'. They read it aloud, said blasphemies... Well, in the Orthodox Tsarist Russia censorship was the best, and people began to forget 'Gabrieliade' little by little. And Joseph put an end to such scandalous practices. There were no 'Lolitas' and no 'democracy'.

But it seems that comrades Pushkin and Nabokov will be grateful to comrade Stalin at the Judgment. How many souls Stalin has protected from the temptation of blasphemy and licentiousness, not to speak of authors who will take responsibility for their evil opuses until the end of history.
For 'woe unto him, through whom temptations come'

But how is it now under 'democracy'? Then there were hundreds or thousands of copies, and now there hundreds of thousands plus millions of movie and television viewers and the Internet. The authors died long ago, but their rot word continues to serve your the owner, AD, making their sin worse and devouring new victims.

That's what the word is, have mercy on them, oh Lord.

* * *

The Lord taught us to speak in parables. One man got a ticket for a train but did not go. Another didn't get it but went. One man said in the wilderness, 'I believe the sea is ahead but did not go to. Another said, 'I don't believe but went to and reached it.

Soviet ideology originated from the Law inscribed in hearts. All Soviet people were comrades and brothers. Luxury, avarice, immorality, nationalism and other forms of idolatry were condemned. Requirements of ideology largely coincided with promptings of people's conscience but religious beliefs, if they were not actively promoted, were considered a private matter.

People were flock, the party was security, the leader was a shepherd and the intelligentsia was an intermediary between people and the Heaven For, once again I repeat, the word 'culture' originates from the word 'cult'.

Therefore, long live censorship and let it be praised!

Anti-darkness is not light yet, but it is still better than darkness.

* * *

'High Society' - what words they are! in due time they were called up to shine, illuminate and enlighten people's darkness but not corrupt people.

'For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required'. The task of elite is to serve God on the earth and be a bridge between the Heaven and people who don't go to church. But elite along with other predators didn't pastured people but sheared, sliced and devoured not only their bodies but their souls tool, causing Children of Heaven who were bought at a high price to work for its lust but not for the Plan, corrupting their souls like prince Nekhlyudov. They sowed pestilential destructive infection of foolish and impetuous desires and a retaliatory thirst for blood and revolution.

'High society' and classes that joined them were condemned by all progressive Russian conscience. Vampiria of kings, nobles and indentured servants were condemned. And also, unfortunately, a certain part of clergy, which sanctifies the system that was alien to the Plan.

Progressive part of the society became known as the intelligentsia. It was an alleged stake on mind because gentility didn't justify itself. In the long run, the wave of God's wrath, revolutionary Ninth Wave, washed everything off.

Throwing off yoke of vampires in the face of so-called 'light', which turned out to be darkness, people were enslaved by their own darkness and lack of spirituality. It didn't become free but an unfastened and unchained beast and devoured many of his liberators-atheists, who, having negative a program, could not offer anything concrete positive.

But there were remained the law inscribed in hearts, age-old Orthodox traditions, folk memory of once Holy Russia on which Joseph staked consciously or unconsciously. He was a shepherd driven by the highest power. And my task is to prove it was God's power, not devilish one.

He used snake methods; his good had fists; he howled with the wolves, but as a result there were several generations of Soviet people who made friends, had pure love, defended their homeland, built, fed the hungry, caring for children within the commandments and healed for free. The Lord's harvest of this tree was abundant and mostly 'good', despite a huge number of innocent victims.
Although were there innocent ones in that human generation that were united according to the Plan?

'Engineers of human souls' were called to make an internal revolution on the basis of Orthodox ethics, i.e. liberation from slavery of Mammon (foolish desires violating the Plan, animal instincts and sword law). They established moral purity condemned selfishness, self-centeredness, arrogance and idolatry.

That meant that the authority actually called the intelligentsia to do God's work on the earth, calling it construction of the Bright Future, i.e. communism.

The struggle was waged against vampires, both internal and external, the construction of 'fortress' , the elimination of hunger, illiteracy, ungodly spheres of business, which once serviced lust of ruling classes and universal sin. People's health, both physical and moral, and sports were propagated. And a new ideology based on the Plan was formed.

Meanwhile, from the very first steps of the new government first Soviet werewolves appeared.

Thus, Soviet intelligentsia was intended by Joseph to be intellectual and creative elite of population, designed to protect people from 'hostile ideology' of surrounding Vampiria. Bourgeois 'liberties' according to Joseph's conviction, protected untold riches and rights of the apocalyptic Babylonian whore.

'Come out of her, my people'.

Gift of words is the greatest in Heaven. 'I have said, Ye [are] gods; and all of you [are] children of the most High'. 'Create, invent and try! Create a new world: people, circumstances, events, great and small things, forests and cities, huts and palaces. New worlds come from your pen and magically live their own life, which is not dependent on you. They live among people, affecting their lives, transforming consciousness of whole generations, supporting, strengthening them and illuminating their way to the Truth...

Word is a commander of human force. 'March that the time should explode like cannonballs,' as Vladimir Mayakovsky wrote.

In this life dying is not new thing.
Making life better is much harder.

This means creation of people who are often more real than we are, immortal ones.

And he tore out my sinful tongue,
which was idly talkative and cunning...

And the voice of God called out to me :
'Arise, o Prophet, watch and hark, and give an ear,
Fulfill yourself with my own will,
And, going throughout seas and lands,
Burn people's hearts by word.'

Joseph has made opposition to Mammon be not a personal feat of everyone but a way of the country's life.

"Making life is much more difficult...

Alexander Pushkin as nobody other understood, especially at the end of his life, the terrible mortal struggle between light and darkness, good and evil, which is the main content of history and the lofty mission of a man having the gift of words from whose pen not only 'sweet sounds' came but also fiery arrows, cannonballs, rockets from other world, which can bring life or death to people who are creating their harmful or good actions for many centuries.

'Woe to those from whom temptations come. And if historical process is many times repeated cycle of 'sowing and harvest', then allow to ask a question to those who have the gift of words, 'What do you sow, gentlemen?'
This question really becomes an indictment or acquittal act of universal significance because human soul is more valuable for the Creator than all substance of the world. And you keep thousands of contemporaries and descendants from falling into abyss or push them towards it.

And the more talented a creative work is, the more terrible it is for its author to get lost in the main things:

For whom do you work?


In 1937 he took part in the Extraordinary 17th All-Russian Congress of Soviets, made the report to the Central Committee 'Defects in Party Work and Measures for Liquidating Trotskyite and Other Double Dealers' and wrote the message 'On the CPSU's History Textbook'.

The discussion of the plan non-stop flight 'Moscow - North Pole - the United States of America' was held. He took part in a meeting with laborers of textile industry. He was nominated in the whole country as the first candidate to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and took part in a meeting of senior officials and stakhanovites in steel industry.


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